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Procurement leaders are constantly faced with meeting their customers' demands, but can struggle to figure out exactly what they need—and what to do about it. This often leads to procuring solutions that do not meet customer needs. At Amazon, we have the same challenge and use a "Working Backwards" approach to determine what problem or opportunity the customer really has and to define a solution to address that. In this hands-on session, attendees will be guided through the "Working Backwards" methodology to identify a solution to a real-world procurement challenge they might face.


“I wish it took me a little longer to buy technology,” said no one ever. Technology has undergone massive transformation in the last decade with a profusion of purpose-built, user-centric options. Now, as public sector customers begin transforming their technology by replacing on-premise hardware with cloud and adopting software marketplaces, finance and procurement need to know how to support these this transformation. This session discusses how cloud technology and software marketplaces are transforming IT procurement in the public sector.

A Layered Approach to Securing Your Organization's Environment

Help protect your organization from security risks, data breaches and malware attacks. Learn how Canon Solutions America's 5 pillars of security can help you mitigate those risks.

Reframing Possible: The Critical Role Procurement Plays in Re-Building Resilient Communities with the Use of Federal Funding

Does your procurement department have a plan beyond responding to sourcing needs in the wake of a catastrophic event? Join Disaster Recovery Services as we discuss the procurement professional’s role in developing a disaster recovery strategy that looks beyond emergency response to positioning your organization for building community resilience with the use of federal funding.

Innovative Federal Procurement Strategies: Sedgwick County's Shuttered Venue Operator Grant (Case Study)

In the current era of generous federal funding, many public entities find themselves in the role of ‘recipient’ and therefore set the procurement compliance standards for eligible ‘subrecipients’ who are often not familiar with or accustomed to public procurement rules and regulations. Add period of performance requirements, such as with ARPA funding, and a whole new layer of procurement challenges have to be managed.

Sedgwick County, Kansas, faced this exact scenario. Through the collaborative efforts and expertise of the County, the Arena’s third-party management company, federal disaster grant consultants, and suppliers, an innovative yet compliant plan was initiated utilizing ARPA funding to bring about much-needed renovations to the county arena to better serve and promote a healthy community.

Join us as we use this case study to discuss the need for innovative procurement strategies to achieve successful outcomes for resilient communities using COVID-19 federal funding sources.


  • Dr. Kim Abrego, PT, DPT, COO and President 


  • Shelley Vineyard, MBA, NIGP-CPP, RTSBA, Procurement Practice Leader

Indirect Procurement: Partnering with your Vendors to Drive Better Procurement Decisions

Please join us for an interactive discussion on indirect procurement and the issues facing procurement professionals as well as a perspective from the supplier side.  Today we are faced with a shortage of procurement practioners and an increased demand for fast changing products and solutions.  On the supplier we are managing through global supply chain challenges and developing the latest products and solutions to support the public sector.  We will present issues facing procurement today and hopefully uncover new updated issues.  From the supplier side we will discuss what we have seen as good practices and offer ideas that can be implemented back at your agency.

How do I better track my data? Assessing your need for a modernized CLM solution

Without organized and visible data, achieving this goal becomes an uphill battle. If you're sifting through contracts located in various places or struggling to extract the right clauses, the message is clear: your data organization requires an upgrade. Dive into our presentation tailored for government procurement officers and contract specialists.

What to expect:

  • Determining the key indicators your team is in need of contract data organization through a CLM solution.
  • Learn how to take control of your data and go beyond basic monitoring
  • Best practices and avenues for funding initiatives aimed at data organization.

Discover how a Contract Lifecycle Management solution can help elevate your department's data-driven capabilities.


  • Kim Cullen, Director of Advocacy & Insight

Contracts and cooperative agreements: Streamlining IT procurement through strategic vendor partnerships

  • Explore concepts related to IT procurement, as well as best practices when procuring IT related hardware, software, and services.
  • Discover alternative methods to a traditional RFP for competitively bid contracts and cooperatives to save time and money.
  • Become more aware of alternative sourcing methods to open additional vendor responses/ Increase vendor participation for a healthy level of vendor participation.


  • Jeremy Steadman, VP of Field Engagement -Southern Computer Warehouse

The Impact of COVID-19 on Manufacturing

Join us for a discussion on the implications that COVID-19 had on the Global Manufacturing industry and what business looks like moving forward.  Hear from Government Practitioners and Suppliers who experienced firsthand the effects of increased demand, pricing, and supply chain-related issues.


  • Jon Stodola, CSE, Regional Business Manager


  • Boyd Montgomery, Regional Business Manager

Business Council Presentations - Group

 Putting the Pieces in Place: Solving the Puzzle of Connecting Supplier Evaluations, Scorecards and Ratings

Requires 2 panel participants from your Chapter

Struggling to fit your procurement "piece" into your entity's big picture strategy? Puzzled by supplier evaluations? Do you find you are "missing pieces" between connecting how your customer described what they needed and getting the right supplier to deliver that need? Choosing the right supplier who excels in fulfilling a contract can be a challenge, but it should not be a matter of chance. You are a critical piece of the puzzle! Effective supplier performance management requires procurement professionals to carefully plan and take deliberate steps to identify, engage, and assess the top suppliers in the market. Evaluating a supplier’s performance enhances the likelihood of successful outcomes for both the entity and the contractor. Join this insightful conversation between suppliers and industry experts as we explore ways your organization can achieve better community outcomes through effective supplier performance management. 

 Cost to Procure + Cost to Propose: Assessing the full expense of an RFP

Requires 2 panel participants from your Chapter

In the spirit of analyzing processes to increase contract competition, NIGP's Business Council looks at the internal costs for government and education organizations to procure and for suppliers to submit proposals to RFPs.  This review provides information for a panel discussion around the effectiveness of RFPs in a variety of settings.

Application on the job

  • Gain insight into internal costs for entities to conduct RFP’s (i.e., Procure) and for suppliers to submit proposals (i.e., Propose)
  • Become aware of how current RFP practices drive resource requirements
  • Consider the effectiveness and outcomes of current RFP processes in various settings through multiple cost lenses.

That Was Then, This is Now – Why Suppliers are Still Choosing to No Bid

Requires 2 panel participants from your Chapter

The NIGP Business Council's new white paper, titled "That Was Then, This Is Now: Why Suppliers Are Still Choosing To No Bid."

What’s At Issue

Government & Education entities sometimes issue complex solicitations with extraordinary requirements, which can result in complicated and costly contract administration.

  • Why It Matters

Just as procurement professionals analyze the total cost of procurement, suppliers must also determine the costs and benefits of responding to a competitive solicitation opportunity.

  • Suppliers may determine the cost of proposing for a given project is too high, resulting in a “no-bid” outcome.

 What’s Next

In this session, members of the NIGP Business Council will join local procurement practitioners in a panel discussion.

  • How You Benefit

This highly interactive session will engage the audience as they interact with the panel and audience colleagues.

 The Evolving Practitioner-Supplier Conversation: Bringing Value to the Procurement Profession

Requires 2 panel participants from your Chapter

Join a panel of respected procurement practitioners and NIGP Business Council (NBC) supplier representatives for an interactive workshop on the evolution of the supplier – practitioner relationship.  From ‘We No Bid’ to ‘Finding Common Ground’, we will facilitate discussions that highlight the dynamic between practitioners and suppliers, providing tools that you can use to continue these conversations within your own entity.

  • Discover the NIGP Business Council (NBC) and the value that the NBC can bring to your organization.
  • Explore the supplier-practitioner relationship and how conversations and collaboration can improve solicitation outcomes.
  • Use tangible tools referenced in this session to improve the supplier-practitioner relationship