CPPO & CPPB Certification

NIGP Course Alignment to the UPPCC Body of Knowledge (BOK)

The UPPC's Body of Knowledge (BOK) ensures that candidates are tested on a broad range of procurement-related topics. The current UPPCC BOK identifies six domains for CPPO and CPPB certification that represent common knowledge a public procurement professional should obtain to effectively perform at the management level or above.

The UPPCC does not require candidates to take or pass specific courses before taking a CPPO or CPPB certification exam; however, in order to be successful, all certification candidates should have a solid understanding of the domains outlined in the BOK for their respective exam. This is why coursework is an important component of UPPCC certification exam preparation.

Below, you can see all of the NIGP courses that align with the most recent UPPCC BOK along with a breakdown of the percentage of the exam that each domain makes up. Take courses that fill your knowledge gap to prepare for your upcoming CPPO or CPPB exam.

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