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Specialization Certificates

Specializations from Pathways allow you to demonstrate and differentiate your expertise and depth of knowledge in specialty areas of public procurement. Gain mastery and advance your learning in new and emerging focal areas of procurement so you can become recognized as an expert and thought leader in that area. Specializations allow you to build specialized skills in niche areas of public procurement, such as technology, acquisitions, and sustainability.

How to Earn Specializations

You do not need to complete any pre-requisite courses in order to obtain a Specialization. However, first-hand knowledge and experience with the specialty will be essential to your success.

To obtain a Specialization in any given area, you must successfully complete the required learning and pass the assessment associated with the specialty. As with all Pathways certificates, you will receive a digital Specialization badge for instant recognition of your achievement.


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NEW Specialization Certificate: Cloud Procurement

Navigate the ever-changing world of Cloud Technology by becoming familiar with the concepts and challenges of the cloud, SaaS, hosting agreements, lines of demarcation, and other evolving cloud technology in order to advise, procure, and negotiate successfully. 

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Technology Procurement

Increasingly, governmental entities are embracing technology and IT infrastructure solutions in their desire to interact more strategically and beneficially with the communities they support.  As a result, procurement professionals are expected to procure and negotiate contracts and agreements with more complex terms and conditions.  Identify the key concepts, common risks and the precise role of the procurement function to ensure legal, flexible, and fair agreements and contracts.

Construction Procurement

Procuring professional design services and construction can be challenging as each project is unique and complicated. Discover new and evolving project delivery methods to stay agile and successful.

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