Committees and Task Forces

Committees are an essential link between NIGP's leadership and its members.  There are two types of committees, Board & Council Committees and Operational Committees. A Board & Council Committee is an extension of one of the three Councils (Finance, Member, Talent) in the fulfillment of its responsibilities. An Operational Committee supports and advises staff in the development and implementation of programs and services produced by the institute.
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Board & Council Committees

Chapter Ambassadors
Reports to the Member Council
The Chapter Ambassadors serve as a consistent link between the Institute and its chapters. Ambassadors are divided into geographic areas and are responsible for presenting valuable information regarding NIGP and the profession to chapters during on-site visits.

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Diversity and Equity
Reports to the Member Council
Responsible for promoting the awareness of diversity among NIGP and its membership through educational and statistical means including the collection of diversity statistics about NIGP's membership, governance structure and staff.

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Leadership Assessment Committee
Reports to the Talent Council
Responsible for the volunteer assessment program and evaluation of volunteer leader performance as well as developing remedial training tools and resources.

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Leadership Development Committee
Reports to the Talent Council
Responsible for creating an NIGP leadership development program and succession plan with a focus on education, learning and skill development for NIGP members and chapter leaders that also creates a pipeline of volunteers for NIGP committees and Board.

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Mentorship Committee
Reports to the Talent Council
Responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining a successful mentorship program for NIGP that focuses on personal development.

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Pipeline and Placement Committee
Reports to the Talent Council
Responsible for assessing the talents and passions of volunteer candidates and appointing volunteers to committees and making recommendations for Council and Board appointments to the Talent Council.

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Reports to the Member Council
Responsible for recommending eligibility and evaluative criteria for distributing scholarships to the NIGP membership.

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Policies and Procedures Review IconOperational Committees

All report to the Chief Executive or a senior staff member

Responsible for increasing capacity for and rigor to the review of the applications for accreditation, including the OA4, Pareto, Academic Institutions, and any future accreditation offerings and providing increased value to and engagement with participating entities.

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Content Management 

Responsible for establishing instructional and assessment system policies and practices for NIGP’s certificate and designation programs.

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Contract Administration Review IconTasks Forces

The Governing Board, any of the three Councils, or any of the committees may establish a task force in order to accomplish a narrowly-focused and time-bound objective directed by the appointing board, council or committee.

A Task Force responds to a specific Board, Council or Committee directive by assessing the issue or initiative and proposing a solution or a range of options to the appointing body for a final decision.

Reports to the Governing Board
Serves as the official liaison to the Board in matters with the external auditor, reviews financial statements and management reports submitted by the external auditor and recommends acceptance of the external auditors report and staff's management report to the Governing Board.

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Reports to the Member Council
Responsible for conducting all activities leading to the recruitment, nomination and selection of Chapter and individual awards bestowed by the Institute.

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Volunteer for a Committee or Task Force


Eligibility Criteria - Committees or Task Forces


NIGP Board & Councils


Committees Members

  • Accreditation

  • Certification Commission

  • Chapter Ambassadors

  • Content Management

  • Diversity and Equity

  • Leadership Assessment

  • Leadership Development

  • Mentorship

  • Pipeline & Placement

  • Scholarship

  • UPPCC Governing Board

  • UPPCC Board of Examiners

Recurring Task Force Members

  • Audit

  • Awards

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