Congratulations to Our Newest NIGP- Certified Procurement Professionals

We are pleased to recognize these professionals who have successfully attained the competency-based qualifications set forth by the NIGP Certification Commission for public procurement leaders and have earned our prestigious NIGP Certified Procurement Professional certification (NIGP-CPP).

The NIGP Certified Procurement Professional was launched in 2020 and has quickly garnered support and accolades among thousands of state and local procurement professonals. To date, we have awarded the certification to 369 professionals with hundreds of additional applicants waiting to join them. 

The NIGP-CPP certification program meets our profession's dynamic needs in ways that are not addressed in other respected certification programs. Based on the Public Procurement Competency Framework, it is directly explicitly to mid to executive level leaders and uniquely examines all the competencies expected of today's professionals.



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