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PCardIconScope of Service

NIGP will conduct a review of the entity’s P-Card program that includes the following:

  • Evaluate current policies and procedures for adequate internal controls
  • Review contract with the entity’s financial institution provider
  • Select purchase card purchases (a maximum of 25 transactions), using the entity’s technology software, to ascertain whether purchases are/were authorized and relate to appropriate business
  • Assess interface between P-card software and other applicable financial (GL) and procurement systems
  • Review 1 year usage history
  • Conduct telephone interviews with 2 personnel involved in management of the program and 3 customers utilizing the program; and
  • Review 15 cardholder’s Procurement Card documentation files and transaction registers (a maximum of 25) to test compliance with current policies, procedures and adequate documentation controls.

Time Frame

Work will commence after execution of contract or issuance of purchase order with anticipated completion of within 6-8 weeks.


Members - $17,200

Non-Members - $18,200

By joining NIGP, entities can realize a savings for the review and gain the benefits of NIGP membership.

If documents cannot be provided electronically and the Consultant has to be on-site at the entity to perform the work, travel expenses will be additional. Travel expenses included air fare or mileage, hotel accommodations, meals as per diem and miscellaneous expenses such as local transportation.


After completion of the review, the Consultant will issue a draft report with recommendations, and then a final report based on client comments, discussions and revisions. Recommendations will be made based on “best practice” research regarding the following:

  • Effective and Efficient Purchase Card Management/Policies; and
  • Expansion of Purchase Card Program for increased financial flexibilities.

Recommendations will directly respond to the entity’s interest in making its procurement activity expeditious, efficient, and effective.

Client Responsibilities

The Client will work with an NIGP Consultant to provide electronic documents for review, be available for questions and clarifications, review the draft report and provide comments within a three (3) week period. The Client also has responsibility to ensure that payments are made in accordance with NIGP payment terms.

Payment Terms

Fifty percent (50%) payment from the Client will be due upon issuance of the draft report and the remaining 50% will be due upon issuance of the final report. NIGP’s payment terms are net 30.

To take advantage of this offer, please contact Jean Clark at 512-298,0106,

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