Governance - NIGP 2.0

Empowers and engages members in volunteer leadership through an expanded organizational structure that provides opportunity to serve the profession in meaningful ways. 

Rather than a single Board of Directors, NIGP 2.0 is centered on a Governing Board and three critical Councils with specific roles and responsibilities.  


Governance Structure

This approach allows the Governing Board to focus on strategies necessary to drive the profession and Institute while sharing the governance of key functions to the three Councils:

  • Financial management and budgeting (Finance Council)
  • Member and chapter affiliate programs (Member Council)
  • Volunteer leadership and sustainability (Talent Council)
Within this structure, a number of Council Committees have been created to support the work of the Councils.  Additionally, the structure also includes a number of Operational Committees that have been created to support the work of NIGP’s professional team.

Thought Leaders

A unique feature of NIGP 2.0 is the inclusion of external Thought Leaders who are not practicing public procurement professionals; however, they are invaluable stakeholders due to their unique expertise and diverse perspectives in strategies and techniques that are critical to NIGP’s success.  Thought Leaders are appointed to every governing body except the Member Council.

Roles and responsibilities of board & councils


Roles and responsibilities of committees and task forces


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