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The Institute’s governance structure, commonly known as NIGP 2.0, is comprised of four governing bodies and a number of committees and task forces; each with specific roles and responsibilities.

The NIGP Governing Board

Sets direction by:

  • Setting the vision, mission, and purpose of the Institute
  • Establishing goals and objectives
  • Defining the strategic plan
  • Establishing broad-based policies

Provides program oversight by:

  • Appointing members to the Governing Board, Talent Council and Finance Council as recommended by the Talent Council
  • Ratifying resolutions, position papers and position statements recommended by the Member Council
  • Approving the annual audit once recommended by the Audit Committee
  • Conducting an appeals process for revocations of membership or chapter charters after such action is deemed appropriate by the Member Council
  • Approving joint ventures with third parties

Ensures adequate resources by:

  • Selecting and assessing the performance of the Chief Executive Officer
  • Establishing the budget philosophy and approving annual budget appropriations

Governing Board 2020

Governing Board Actions & Discussions

The NIGP Finance Council

Sets direction by:

  • Establishing the financial and investment goals of the Institute
  • Determining risk assessment

Provides program oversight by:

  • Overseeing the financial operations
  • Approving requests for non-budgeted funding
  • Authorizing requests to release the use of funds earmarked in designated reserve accounts by the Governing Board
  • Approving the transfer of emergency funds within NIGP accounts
  • Approving the write-off of bad debt

Ensures adequate resources by:

  • Determining fees and assessments within the framework of an annual budget appropriations that is recommended to the Governing Board for approval
  • Determining insurance and bonding requirements
  • Selecting the investment counselor for the Institute
  • Selecting the independent auditor for the Institute

Finance Council 2020

Finance Council Actions & Discussions

The NIGP Member Council

Sets direction by:

  • Establishing the eligibility and conditions for agency and individual membership
  • Establishing and determining conditions for agency and individual membership revocation including provisions for due process
  • Establishing and maintaining standards of professional conduct including a code of ethics
  • Establishing the eligibility and conditions for chartering, maintaining, reinstating, and terminating a NIGP chapter affiliate

Provides program oversight by:

  • Managing the relationship between the Institute and its chapter affiliates
  • Overseeing the process for developing and approving position papers of the Institute subject to ratification by the Governing Board
  • Overseeing the process for developing official resolutions of the Institute subject to ratification by the Governing Board
  • Overseeing the process for establishing an Institute honors and awards program

Member Council 2020

Member Council Actions & Discussions

The NIGP Talent Council

Ensures adequate resources by:

  • Determining the eligibility criteria for all positions on the Governing Board, the Finance Council, the Member Council, and the Talent Council subject to ratification by the Governing Board via its Board policies
  • Recruiting leaders to serve on NIGP’s Board, Councils, and committees
  • Recruiting and selecting leaders to serve as NIGP’s representatives on NIGP’s auxiliary councils
  • Developing and implementing an on-going leadership development program for leaders
  • Developing a standard assessment program for the on-going evaluation of volunteer leader performance
  • Developing and implementing a leader succession plan for the Institute

Provides program oversight by:

  • Recommending appointments to the Governing Board, the Finance Council and the Talent Council subject to selection by the Governing Board
  • Producing a competitive slate of candidates for the Member Council to be presented to the membership for a vote
  • Determining the rules for conducting an election by the membership

Talent Council 2020

Talent Council Actions & Discussions

Advisory Councils

NIGP Business Council
Responsible for promoting knowledge-sharing opportunities between buyers and suppliers in an effort to enhance public procurement and for providing advice to the Board on public procurement issues affecting the supplier community as stakeholders.  

Independent Councils

Through representative governance, NIGP provides guidance and support to independent boards and councils that share a common bond and mission with the Institute. 

Universal Public Procurement Certification Council (UPPCC)
The UPPCC is an independent corporation that is managed by their UPPCC Governing Board. This Board makes policy decisions and oversees the implementation and administration of professional certification programs for public purchasing officials. This includes tests, design, authentication, administration, grading, and awarding of the certifications. NIGP has representation on the Council’s Governing Board.

UPPCC Board of Examiners (BOE)
The UPPCC Board of Examiners prepares, with the advice of competent academic advisors, written examinations for certification programs established and administered by the Council. It acts on matters regarding certification, recertification, and revocation pursuant to procedures adopted by the Council. Their Board of Examiners is comprised of individuals who are divided into CPPO and CPPB teams. NIGP has representation on both BOE teams.

National Council for Public Procurement and Contracting (NCPPC)
The NCPPC brings together those not-for-profit associations serving the public procurement and contracting profession that share a common mission in order to develop partnerships and programs that benefit the respective association members while influencing and promoting the value and recognition of the profession. NIGP is a charter member of the collaborative agreement that governs the NCPPC and the Institute has representation on the Council.

Achievement of Excellence in Purchasing (AEP) Evaluation Committee
NIGP is a sponsoring member of the AEP Award issued annually by the National Procurement Institute (NPI) and has representation on their evaluation committee.

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