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Canon Solutions America, Inc.

Canon Solutions America, Inc., provides industry-leading enterprise, on-site production, and large format print solutions, supported by exceptional professional and technical service offerings. We help agencies discover ways to improve sustainability, increase efficiency, and control costs in conjunction with high volume, continuous feed, digital and traditional printing, and document management solutions. Our team of experts, with decades of technical expertise and real-world experience, can help you choose the right technology, solutions, and services for your agency.

Employees 4,000+
U.S. Locations 115+
Patents 3,555 (#3 in U.S.)

Our Approach

Canon Solutions America supports government agencies of all sizes.

  • Work More Productively and Efficiently: Help automate document workflows, enabling government agencies to produce more with fewer resources.
  • Control Access to Devices Throughout Your Agency: Maintain confidentiality while giving approved users the appropriate data accessibility needed in today’s environment.
  • Safeguard Documents and Data: Provide secure printing solutions that help you restrict unauthorized access to data.
  • Control Costs by Managing Usage: Increase productivity and give you greater control over printing and copying costs by influencing employee behavior, preventing wasteful activity, and managing device usage.
  • Support Sustainability and Environmentally Goals: Environmentally friendly materials and products; recyclable toner cartridges; power conservation throughout device lifecycles.


All people, regardless of race, religion, or culture, harmoniously living and working together into the future.

 - Kyosei


of customers would recommend Canon Solutions America Services*
in the Total A3 Copier/ MFP Office Market** (24 of the last 25 years)

*Source: Based on more than 15,000 survey responses in 2019.

**Source: IDC U.S. Quarterly Hardcopy Peripherals Tracker, 2019 (Q4/FY). *Data refers to laser MFPs.