Research Report: 2019 Local Government Entity Sustainable Procurement Study

This research paper discusses current trends in sustainable procurement in local governments across North America, particularly within the United States, focusing on supplier diversity and green procurement. The report defines supplier diversity as minority and women-owned business programs that encourage participation in contracting opportunities for these underrepresented groups and may also have a broader socioeconomic goal. It defines green public procurement as the approach public authorities take to integrate environmental criteria into all stages of the procurement process. With these definitions in mind, the report assesses supplier diversity and green procurement as major components of sustainable procurement initiatives. It uses research collected in 2018 from NIGP's survey of local government member entities. The survey collected information about how relevant green public procurement and supplier diversity practices are among entities, with varying results. The report includes aggregated results of responses to the survey that was sent out in 2018. After reading the report, readers will have a better understanding of how entities across the United States are or are not implementing green public procurement and supplier diversity initiatives within their organization.