Research Report: 2018 Public Procurement Compensation & Retention Benchmark Study

NIGP's seventh biennial Compensation Survey Report offers comparative compensation information to classify public procurement positions and determine appropriate salary ranges. In addition, this year's report includes a supplement on retention and turnover rates. The 2018 study was conducted using two survey instruments that were issued to NIGP members. The first is an agency survey that asked agency representatives to submit information about the number of people who held positions in each position within their organization, along with salary information for each position for the current and previous year. The second survey instrument was issued to all individuals who receive NIGP member benefits. This survey asked members to submit information about their salary along with factors that can impact their salary, including education, certification, benefits, and bonuses. As a result of sending out these two surveys, NIGP received self-reported responses from 590 procurement agencies and 2,450 procurement professionals in the United States and Canada. This report shows that salaries for procurement professionals are on the rise across ranks and that the majority of procurement professionals in higher ranked positions hold procurement-specific certifications. It includes specific salary range information for different regions within the United States and Canada that can be useful for procurement professionals and agencies to study when making salary and hiring decisions. Additional data included in this report includes information about the relationship between education and job success, and cites the primary reasons why procurement professionals who intend to leave their positions do so.