Position Paper: The Strategic Value of Procurement in Public Entities

The strategic value of procurement in public entities is not always readily apparent, especially compared with other important elements, such as making sure taxpayer dollars are spent responsibly. While not all-encompassing, this paper addresses several ways that procurement adds strategic value to public entities, including risk mitigation, contract management, supplier relationship management, technology use, and spend management. NIGP believes strongly that organizations must involve procurement professionals early in the strategic planning process to gain the most value for their respective organizations. When procurement professionals have a strong seat at the planning table and are brought on early, they ensure that their procurement strategies align with the organization's overall goals and strategies. In addition to describing how procurement adds strategic value to public entities, this paper also discusses opportunities available for procurement professionals eager to deliver strategic value to their public entity every day. By understanding how and when they can add value, procurement professionals are better equipped to make decisions that have a positive impact on the public.