Position Paper: Best Value Procurement Methods for Professional Services - Overcoming the Limitations of Low-Bid and QBS

In this position paper, NIGP explores procurement best practices and methods for overcoming the limitations of low-bid and qualifications-based selection (QBS) methods of selecting professional services providers. NIGP does not support mandates that require public entities to apply a QBS method for selecting service providers. Instead, NIGP supports two principles, i) price competition and, ii) ideas competition. When combined with other important factors to achieving public interest, following these two principles can lead to balance in procurement situations. To achieve this balance, it is essential for a public entity to match its selection criteria with its needs and the options available on the marketplace. This paper explores how public procurement has learned from previous mistakes of focusing solely on price, and the importance of relying on other methods to evaluate suppliers, including a best value" selection method to create a more equitable competitive landscape. It demonstrates how this method is better for public entities because it is not a one-size-fits-all method and, therefore, is more likely to be suitable for all types of entities and situations.