Global Best Practice - The Place of Public Procurement within the Entity

How procurement is positioned within an entity is an important consideration when seeking to optimize procurement's influence and impact on internal and external stakeholders. Entities can refer to the recommendations on the Place of Procurement made by the American Bar Association and Model Procurement Code. The Place of Procurement also refers to the horizontal separation of procurement from other departments within an organization, which ensures a system of checks and balances within the organization and reinforces trust among the public. Developing a strategy for the place of procurement ensures that procurement has the optimal positioning, responsibility, and authority to benefit the entity. This practice outlines the reasons why the strategic placement of procurement function should be undertaken by an entity. It makes the case that in order for an entity to fully benefit from the operations of the procurement department, it's important for procurement professionals to establish a seat at the table along with executive level positioning, responsibility, and authority. This practice describes the C-level position of procurement within an entity and includes real-world examples of how entities have maximized a C-level procurement professional's influence and usefulness within the organization.