Global Best Practice - Procurement in Federal Emergency Management Compliance

Natural and man-made disasters are a part of life for which procurement professionals need to plan and prepare. It's important to prepare for disasters ahead of time to mitigate the damage a disaster can cause and ensure that early action is taken to cleanup after a disaster. This practice outlines what the role of procurement is in United States federal management compliance. It should be understood as a resource and does not constitute legal advice. Emergency management is a managerial function that includes creating a framework within which communities actively reduce vulnerability to hazards and allows them to cope with disasters. Procurement professionals should be engaged with emergency management teams to plan for emergencies before they happen. It is also strongly recommended that procurement professionals have access to an internal or external emergency management expert who can coordinate response efforts before, during, and after a local emergency event. This practice outlines the requirements procurement professionals must follow when contracting for emergency goods and services and funding Public Assistance programs. It also offers a guide for documenting and accounting for disaster-related costs to minimize the loss of FEMA disaster assistance funds and maximize financial recovery after a disaster.