Global Best Practice - Information Technology (IT) Procurement Series: No. 2

The second practice in the information technology (IT) series focuses on the unique considerations of IT software procurement, including source code, licensing, and data ownership. Entities should use templates that have been specifically designed for IT software procurement when possible to safeguard the data, records, and other procurement-related information that is involved from contract award through contract completion. Before procuring software, entities should closely study the desirability and feasibility of using cooperative contracts to save time and effort. In addition, the procurement professional who is procuring the new software should understand how to clearly communicate information that is highly technical during solicitations, negotiations, contracts, and implementation. The procurement professional acts as a liaison between the business and technical sides of IT procurement and needs to understand how to communicate effectively with both sides using clear written and verbal language. This practice will help procurement professionals effectively communicate information about source code, licensing, and data ownership. It includes terms that procurement professionals must know to effectively discuss IT concepts to business teams, end users, and stakeholders. This practice also outlines the importance of securing the right type of licensing, along with what to include in the plan or strategy that procurement develops prior to negotiating a contract.