Global Best Practice - Distinguishing Between Scope of Work and Statement of Work

The phrases "scope of work" and "statement of work" have been used interchangeably, inconsistently, or in contradictory ways for a long time. Some entities have taken steps to create specific definitions for these terms for their organizations. As a result, the distinction between the two phrases has become confused. This practice provides specific, clear definitions for each phrase and sets a standard for how public procurement should use them in professional communications. Both the scope of work and the statement of work are important parts of the solicitation and contract phases of the public procurement process. They each have a specific role to play in the procurement process. A scope of work is directed to potential suppliers and identifies the entity's needs and desired outcomes. Its content and format are determined by the entity and may change as a result of the chosen procurement method. A statement of work is dependent upon the procurement method that is selected and is shaped by the contract parties' agreement. It is directed at the supplier after the supplier has been selected and details performance expectations and deliverables.