Global Best Practice - Cybersecurity

Understanding what cyber risks exist and how to prevent them is critical for public procurement professionals. Whether it's knowing how to train staff to understanding the complex nature of cyber risks, procurement professionals must know the realities of cybersecurity to adequately protect their organization from outside threats. With the right knowledge of cybersecurity threats and risks, public procurement professionals can create and implement effective organizational policies. Importantly, public procurement professionals should work with their organization's IT departments to ensure that their cybersecurity policies align with the larger technical needs of the organization. This global best practice outlines specific cyber risks procurement professionals should be aware of, along with a plan for developing cybersecurity policies. Public procurement professionals can use this global best practice to outline cybersecurity policies that will keep their organization safe from cybersecurity threats and create risk mitigation plans in the event of security breach. The cybersecurity plan should be regularly reviewed and updated as new information and technologies arise that may threaten the security of the organization.