Are You An Exceptional, Purpose-Driven Leader Who Is Ready To Give Back To Our Profession?

Top Level Openings Will Be Available for NIGP Members Who Wish To Be Considered for Our Governing Board or One of Our Three Councils

Applications are due December 10, 2021

Have you ever considered sharing your talents and passion with NIGP by playing a key role within the Institute’s governance as a volunteer leader? NIGP’s shared governance model is designed to empower members with expanded opportunities to engage in governance and influence our organizational outcomes in meaningful ways. 

At the present time, the Talent Council is recruiting leaders to fill public procurement practitioner positions on the four governing bodies that will become available in July 2022. Please note that some of the positions on these governing bodies have incumbents who are interested in seeking an additional term. It is the practice of the Talent Council to recruit for all open positions – regardless of incumbency - to ensure that the Institute gets the right leaders in the right positions.   

  • NIGP Treasurer. (no incumbent). The Treasurer serves as an officer of the Institute as well as the Chair of the Finance Council.
  • Governing Board. One opening for a general Board member (There is an incumbent seeking reappointment for this position). The Institute’s governance is led by the Governing Board which has the ultimate responsibility for setting the organizational direction, ensuring adequate resources, and providing program oversight.
  • Finance Council. Three openings (no incumbents). The Finance Council oversees all financial matters affecting the Institute.
  • Member Council. Four openings (including one incumbent who is seeking re-election). The Member Council is a centerpiece of the governance structure. Its purpose is to represent the interests of the membership and decide on all member-centric issues. The Talent Council determines the final slate of candidates and presents it to the membership for an electronic vote in early Spring 2022.
  • Talent Council. Two openings (no incumbents). The Talent Council is the leadership recruitment and development arm of the governance structure.

To learn more about the roles and responsibilities, please visit the VOLUNTEER LEADERSHIP section of NIGP’s website. It is important to verify your experience and educational qualifications in conjunction with the ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA for the Board and each Council before applying. If you are motivated to share your talents and passions with the Institute as you give back to the profession, take this next step in leadership by completing and submitting the universal VOLUNTEER APPLICATION along with a current resume.

If you already have a current application on file with NIGP and/or are currently serving in a volunteer position for NIGP and wish to be considered for a role within one of the four governing bodies, please send a brief letter of interest to the Talent Council via Helen Leonard, NIGP’s Governing Manager, in lieu of the application package. The same December 10th deadline applies. (Note: you can only serve on the NIGP Board or one Council concurrently).

The Talent Council will recruit for committee vacancies next spring. However, the Council’s recruitment process is 24/7 – members can apply for volunteer leader positions anytime and the universal application applies to all positions that are available today and into the future.

Please feel free to contact Helen Leonard, Governance Manager, if you have any questions regarding this special opportunity: HLEONARD@NIGP.ORG or (800) 367-6447 x240.


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