NIGP-CPP Scores “World Class”

We're thrilled to report that, according to ratings from our NIGP-CPP testers, the NIGP Certified Procurement Professional program earned "World Class" Net Promoter Scores throughout 2022. The Net Promoter Score® (NPS) is the gold standard of customer experience metrics worldwide and measures both customer perception and how likely a client would recommend a product or program to their colleagues or peers.

Following best practices, a candidate satisfaction survey is sent to every NIGP-CPP tester after each testing window ends. One of the survey questions we ask is “How likely are you to recommend the NIGP-CPP certification to your peers or colleagues?” These responses are the basis for the Net Promoter Scores for the NIGP-CPP.  For a two-year-old certification program, this is very high praise from our NIGP-CPP candidates!

Managing and administering a recognized and respected certification program is very important as we continue to grow and strengthen the NIGP-CPP certification for mid to executive level leaders in the procurement field. We thank everyone who helped make this certification program a success! We are grateful for the NIGP Certification Commission, the Institute, the NIGP-CPP volunteers and subject matter experts, our nearly 1,000 NIGP-CPP recipients, our NIGP-CPP candidates, and the agencies and organizations supporting the NIGP-CPP certification. Together we're elevating the procurement profession through this coveted certification.


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