Vendor Hypothetical Evaluation - Influence of Points Allocation on Price.xlsx

  • Library: Purchissues
  • Year Created: 2018
  • File Type: XLSX
This hypothetical spreadsheet was created to help the evaluation team, subject matter experts, and end users understand the ramifications of the point allocations selected for an RFP scorecard. The attached file has hypothetical scores to emphasize the importance of carefully selecting the points that are allocated to each criterion, particularly price which has been set at a relatively low 15 points out of 100. (The spreadsheet refers to LEDE Participation. This is the school district's small business outreach program.) Notice that Vendors B and F are separated by 0.55 points, out of 100. But, Vendor F has a price that is about 3 times ($9,733,000) higher than that of Vendor B.