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OCTOBER 22 - 24, 2019

Whether you attended Forum in Austin but missed these sessions, or you couldn’t make it to Austin – Forum Select 2019 has something for you.

We’re giving you access to 8 procurement-focused sessions from this past year’s Forum. While these sessions were pre-recorded, there will be live speakers moderating Forum Select and you’ll have the ability to interact with other attendees in real-time.

…this platform gave me the opportunity to benefit from the experience and all the relevant and on-point information shared. It truly exceeded my expectations!”

8 Procurement-Focused Sessions from
Forum 2019



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Forum Select 2019 registrants have access to all 8 recorded sessions through the end of 2019.

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The Politics of Procurement: Creating and Achieving Strategic Value in the Public Sector presented by Sean of the most valuable sessions I’ve ever heard.

Jon Walton, CPPO, CPPB
Contracts Officer, Oregon Business Development Department

FORUM SELECT 2019 Session Schedule

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1:00 PM  The Politics of Procurement: Creating and Achieving Strategic Value in the Public Sector

Session Description

Public procurement professionals are oftentimes responsible not only for fulfilling the procurement function on a strategic, objective-oriented level, but also for navigating requests from leadership, legislative bodies, lobbyists, and supplier advocacy groups. To effectively orchestrate a response to these myriad tasks, leaders in the public sector should upward manage procurement’s values to help guide project planning and policy decisions from the beginning. Join us as we discuss strategies for mitigating inappropriate influence on the procurement process while empowering the field to pro-actively mitigate change, all without forcing procurement officers to say no to leadership, in this advanced, lecture-styled session.

Sean Carroll
You Inherited A Mess: 10 Ways to (Re)Develop A Compliant Procurement Organization

Session Description

During your professional career, you will undoubtedly encounter rough situations as “the new person in charge.” Just because you inherited a mess, however, doesn’t mean you have to leave it that way. Join us as we explore how you can interweave step-by-step action plans to (re)establish a compliant public procurement organization, exploring how change management, training, transparency, accountability, compliance, and cooperative endeavors can propel you forward in this interactive session.

Ireyan Clark-Sam, JD and Shannon Pleasant, CTPM
Valuing Your Community: Ten Takeaways for Best Value in Your Organization

Session Description

As public procurement professionals, we select suppliers to provide services, commodities, and construction for our communities. By the very nature of our role—determining which suppliers are successful and which are not—we have the power to substantially contribute to our community’s goals. Key to a successful outcome are the methodologies we undertake to source them; Public buying is evolving to Best Value multi-criteria decision making. How do you encourage suppliers to consider your community goals, such as protecting the planet, clean energy, water, research, education and an inclusive labor force with reduced inequality? How to balance with technical merit, experience of staff assigned, and after-sales? How can you set fair and objective award criteria and ensure effective competition at the same time? How do you establish a practical approach to a multi-criteria, not just price, approach to selecting suppliers in line with community’s goals? Join us as we explore how an eProcurement platform can contribute to your communities’ best value approach in a supplier-practitioner lecture-led session.

Jan Siderius and Mike Thornton, CPPO

2:15 PM
2:30 PM
 Sunshine and Shade: Navigating Transparency Laws and Preserving Protected Information

Session Description

As procurements increase in complexity and the market drives innovation, we must develop strategies to ensure the preservation of trade secrets and confidential information, asking ourselves how we balance protected information, open records, and public meetings while maintaining a transparent and competitive procurement process. Outlining challenges and strategies implemented to balance lawfully preserving trade secrets and confidential information, this case-study driven session explores the procurement of Food and Beverage Services for the Orange County Convention Center, discussing how the department masterfully held public meetings, fulfilled public records requests, and responded to media inquiries regarding the second largest convention center in the United States.

Carrie Mathes, MPA, CPPO, C.P.M, CFCM, CPPB, A.P.P. and Zulay Millan, CPPO, CPPB
So Many Choices: Determining the Right Construction Project Delivery Method for You

Session Description

In the recent past, the traditional design-bid-build method was the default—and predominantly only—project delivery method for procuring public construction contracts. Today, choosing the right construction project delivery method can be very challenging, especially when you consider not only the abundance of delivery methods that have become common over the last few years but also the legal requirements, complexities of the project, project scheduling, price, responsibility, and expertise of potential contractors. Join us as we provide an overview of each of the new-age major construction project delivery methods, discussing necessary factors for each methodology and how you can make them work for you and your entity in this interactive, lecture-style session.

Joe Tommie, CPPO

and John Adler, CPPO

Finding Your Yellow Brick Road: Before, During, and After an Emergency

Session Description

When disaster strikes, the 9-1-1 call comes in—but who do you call after the first responders are dispatched? Why Procurement, of course! Procurement preparedness before the emergency is important, with ready-to-go contracts and a packed “to-go” bag key to your entity’s success. Learn how “Plan B” comes into effect during the emergency, when plans go awry or new situations arise. After the smoke clears or the flood waters dry, it’s just as important for be aware of the after emergency activities to rebuild and recover. Join this special panel of disaster-oriented procurement professionals, with real-life stories, as they share insights on how their procurement teams helped “save the day,” discovering the top 3 things to stay in compliance with FEMA guidelines. Within this interactive session, take away ideas to strengthen your own preparations and leave with free copies of the NCPP’s First Aid Kit for Emergency Preparedness.

Tammy Rimes, MPA and Duff Erholtz
3:45 PM
4:00 PM

Embracing Innovation in Public Procurement: A Case Study of How the City of Miami Department of Procurement Innovates

Session Description

In 2017, the City of Miami launched the Miami Innovation Academy, a series of workshops where city employees learn valuable techniques—including process mapping, waste identification, experiment design, and collaboration—that help them clearly identify and solve problems. The Academy specifically helped to build the City's innovation capacity in its Department of Procurement, which took the lead in utilizing the discussed techniques to streamline procurement processes, solve common and uncommon issues, and empowered employees to create strategic solutions to their challenges. Join us in this exploratory session as we share the importance and place of innovation in the public sector, discover the value of investing in your employees’ abilities to solve problems, and introduce best practice guidance for scaling innovation capacity in your organization in this case-study driven session.

Annie Perez, CPPO & Michael Sarasti
Keeping Up With Change: Drafting Code, Rules, and Policies to Effectuate Procurement Transformation

Session Description

Public procurement professionals can directly, or indirectly, assist in drafting changes to code (statute), administrative rules, or entity policy to effectuate change in the procurement profession. When done correctly and consciously, these changes can have impactful, applicable influence on the field, changing how public procurement professionals engage with their jurisdictions. Join us in this case study-driven sessions as we explore how drafted changes to the Utah Procurement Code, Administrative Rule, and additional policies and procedures updated how the Utah State Board of Education addresses procurement issues in a changing world.

Zac Christensen, JD and Fay Tan, JD

5:15 PM

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