Objectives and Intended Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Define what a contract is
  • List the format of a Contract
  • Discuss Specific Contract Provisions

Intended Audience

All purchasing professionals who write, interpret and respond to contracts can increase their effectiveness by participating in this two-day seminar. 


Many purchasing professionals are required to organize, write and interpret contracts. This session is designed to cover the structure and meaning of enforceable contracts. Contracts have a logical sequence and specific contract provisions. By learning the basics and rules for improvement, the principles become manageable. The seminar will offer tips and tricks on the language that can be used when writing contracts for any entity. 

Course Outline

Day ​1

  • Basic contracting principle
    • What is a contract?
    • Enforceable contracts
    • Rules of contract interpretation
  • Contract Organization
    • Contract formats
    • Proper placement
    • Orders of precedence
    • Statement of work rules
  • Nuts and Bolts of Writing
    • Draft
    • Sequence
    • Phrasing
    • Clarity
  • Day ​2:

    • Specific Contract Provisions
      • Acceptance
      • Software licenses
      • Intellectual property
      • Choice of Law and Forum
    • Special Topics
      • Mythical grammar rules
      • Gender neutral language
      • Effective design
      • Case Studies
    • Specific Contract Provisions
      • Force Majeure
      • Breach clauses
      • Damage Provisions
      • Dispute Provisions
      • everability Clauses
      • Termination Provisions
    • Strategies to Practice and Improve



    2 Day Course

    Textbook provided

    Key 7
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