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What could you do with a team of 5,000 behind you? That’s what you have when you depend on HD Supply Facilities Maintenance as your trusted supplier for facility maintenance supplies, property management products, and property improvement services.

We’re here to make your job easier, and for more than 40 years, we’ve worked to bring you the best products, fulfillment, service, and support. Our experience makes us a leader in facility maintenance, and we pass that expertise on to you.

Take advantage of our reputation, reliability, and industry knowledge. Whether you’re maintaining your facility, managing your agency’s operations, or modernizing your interiors, we can help. Work with us, and together, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish.

Products/solutions unique to the government

HD Supply Facilities Maintenance’s products are distributed through an expansive network of 40 distribution centers and a fleet of 700+ delivery trucks. This best-in-class distribution and delivery network enables us to provide next-day delivery service on most orders to over 95% of the country.

In addition, our dedicated Government Team specializes in the industry and is focused on making government procurement easy. The Government Sales Team is comprised of tenured industry experts with experience working with government procurement professionals, our Government Contact Center is staffed with knowledgeable team members who are committed to government buyers, and the Compliance and Government Operations Teams are focused on helping government buyers shop with confidence to achieve their compliance goals.


An example of a government-related project that was innovative - something that helped solve a problem or contributed a solution.

HD Supply Facilities Maintenance used technology to help a large government agency to create controls in its purchasing process, reduce and monitor spending, and decrease procurement lead times. By developing an integrated procurement solution for all of the agency’s buyers, we fully automated the procurement process, from the time a maintenance request was identified through order placement, delivery, invoicing, and payment. Our solution helped the agency achieve its goals by providing them with a streamlined and efficient procurement process, full transparency and oversight, and procurement lead times that were reduced by more than half.

New technologies being developed or adopted that will have an impact on the way products and/or services are delivered

HD Supply Facilities Maintenance allows you to keep track of purchases and manage your budget with customized online solutions that make procurement easy. Ensure accurate order processing, vendor compliance, and streamline procurement by connecting your purchasing application with our website. Manage your purchases with a custom catalog file featuring preselected products for consistency and maximum savings.

Suggestion for improving the procurement process...

HD Supply e-Procurement solutions can help you reduce costs related to requisition-to-order and increase your invoice-to-purchase order matching. Being connected to us allows you to stay compliant and minimize risks while shopping for goods and services. We offer all-inclusive solutions to meet your business needs.

As a member of the Business Council, HD Supply Facilities Maintenance hopes to impact the public procurement community by...

HD Supply Facilities Maintenance is dedicated to helping government buyers get the job done. Our federal, state, and local government contracts help you streamline your procurement process. Leverage our contracts to; access thousands of quality maintenance, repair and operation (MRO) products, receive competitive pricing, save time in product and service acquisition and remain in compliance.
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