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DLT is the Premier Government Solutions Aggregator Accelerating Public Sector Growth for Technology Companies

Established in 1991, DLT accelerates public sector growth for technology companies in the federal, state and local, education, utilities and healthcare markets. As the premier government solutions aggregator, DLT creates value for its technology partners by enabling their public sector customers to make smarter technology choices. DLT provides access to a robust network of partners, a broad portfolio of over 50+ in-house contract vehicles, and dedicated channel and enablement services.

Products/solutions unique to the government market

DLT’s expertise is focused on six core technology domains: Application Lifecycle, Big Data & Analytics, Business Applications, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, and IT Infrastructure, which are strategically crafted around how our technology partners go to market. 

All technology domains have three attributes:

Audience: They all align to a specific audience.  At DLT, we call this the Community of Interest.  These are folks who have some interest in the technology domain… they might be practitioners; they might be influencers; they might be procurement; they might just have a personal interest.  Regardless, they all have some level of vested interest in the tech domain.

Technical Function:  Each domain is a logical grouping of technologies.  Within each domain, the technologies might resonate with different individuals based on the roles, but both the industry and the market categorize all of these technologies under a specific theme.

Language:   Each technology domain also has it’s own unique language.  Different technical terms. Different acronyms. Different requirements.  Different ways of being represented.  Different governmental guidelines and in many cases job roles and career paths.  Just as doctors and lawyers have their own specialized language; data scientists, security practitioners, IT operations specialists, business users, and developers have their own distinct vocabulary.

More specifically, DLT combines comprehensive knowledge of the Oracle product portfolio with license acquisition expertise to deliver mission critical IT solutions to the public sector. Featuring specializations in key Oracle technology, solutions experts and dedicated professional services, we are your premier, go-to-Oracle partner. We also offer state and local entities the option to purchase Oracle through our new contract with U.S. Communities.

An example of a government-related project that was innovative - something that helped solve a problem or contributed a solution.

We have helped several public agencies save time and money by utilizing our cooperative contract with U.S. Communities/Omnia Partners. Our depth of product and service offerings have allowed agencies to streamline their buying process by consolidating to a single vendor for multiple categories.

New technologies being developed or adopted that will have an impact on the way products and/or services are delivered

The DLT Cloud Navigator Program:

Finding the right path to profitability in the cloud is complex and time-consuming and the journey is unique to each organization. That’s why we created DLT Cloud Navigator™—and why companies like AWS choose DLT to accelerate revenue from the public sector. By choosing DLT as your premier Cloud Navigator, you will gain a strategic advantage in the marketplace, and gain access to a comprehensive range of benefits and services, which include:

• Comprehensive Cloud Management Platform

• Billing Management & Expense Optimization

• Resource Inventory and Utilization

• Assessment of your Organization Cloud Readiness

• A Broad Portfolio of In-House Contracts to Add to your Existing Portfolio

• Access to a Robust Database of Public Sector Prospects

• 24x7 U.S. Citizen, U.S. Soil ITAR and GovCloud Technical Management

• AWS Certified In-House Engineers

• Managed Service Provider Specialization

• Maximizing the value of the AWS Partner Network Program

• Cloud Business Strategy Planning

• Channel Enablement and Training

• Marketplace Support

Suggestion for improving the procurement process...

DLT encourages customers to leverage National Cooperative Contracts by creating state specific addendums. DLT and Iowa OCIO leveraged DLT’s OMNIA Partners, Public Sector Oracle IDIQ (Contract# 180233-001) for the purchase of Oracle Products, Services, and Solutions for all Iowa state and local agencies within the state of Iowa. Having terms pre-negotiated at the contract level, Iowa OCIO has simplified and streamlined their ordering of Oracle Products, Services, and Solutions.

As a member of the Business Council, DLT hopes to impact the public procurement community by...

DLT is committed to working with public sector customers on simplifying and streamlining the procurement process.

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