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Innovations in Public Procurement Award

The NIGP Innovation Award recognizes how your work transformed your agency, your customers, your community.  The award is based on strategy, originality, impact (effectiveness & significance) and transferability.

How to apply

Applicants must complete an Innovation Award Application and the Innovation Award Submission.

The Innovation Award Application consists of two parts.

  • Part One includes applicant and agency details along with a descriptive title that expresses the substance of the innovation and the date it was implemented.
  • Part Two includes the title, the implementation date and a summary of the project. The summary must include answers to each of the stated questions.

Application Form


Every application must meet the following requirements:

  • The NIGP Innovation Award is open only to NIGP members.
  • The innovation submitted must have been developed and executed by the agency no earlier than April 1, 2017 to be considered a “current” innovation.
  • Members of the NIGP Knowledge Management Committee and their agencies are ineligible.
  • Completed applications must be submitted by June 12 of the year of the award (11:59 PM EST)
  • Winner announced in early July.


Transformation Strategy

Describe how the innovation helps reinvent or transforms your overall strategy to drive business growth, generate value for the agency and its customers, and create competitive advantage. What policy did you reshape? What practice did you rethink? How did you refocus your efforts?

Submissions are evaluated against the following definitions of the stated criteria:


Describe how the innovation is profound.  How it represents a new, different, or creative approach to service delivery or process improvement.


Describe how the innovation thoroughly addresses a need and the degree to which it diminishes an important problem or issue common to the organization. Also describe the tangible results achieved as a result of implementing the innovation. How is it sustainable?


Describe how the innovation shows promise of inspiring successful replication by other agencies.

The guidelines for criteria include how the idea or practice:

  • Promotes and enhances the overall work of public procurement and the profession
  • Transferability, how easy can other agencies replicate
  • Transforms the work of the organization or agency
  • Examples of Innovation metrics:
    • Increase in financial performance. Are you able to re-allocate your finances in a more effective way?
    • Reduced costs. Both time and monetary.
    • Sustainability of new projects. Are you able to implement effectively?
    • Strategic renewal. Ensure that what you have started is built to last and in time allows you to evolve with changing circumstances.

2018 Innovation Award Winner

Oregon Department of Corrections

Public Works Public Improvements ITB Matrix

2017 Innovation Award Winner

Broward County Florida Board of County Commissioners Purchasing Division

Procurement Track System


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