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Agency Advancement Award

The Agency Advancement Award is presented to a procurement agency which demonstrates advancement in achieving measurable results and which has made an impact on its organization through procurement best practices and continuous improvement. This award recognizes an individual or team which has demonstrated advancement in developing an outstanding procurement related program or process improvement that has significantly benefited their agency

Application Deadline: NOW CLOSED

Award Criteria

Every application must meet the following requirements:

  • The program or process improvement implemented will be related to the procurement field and shall constitute a significant improvement benefiting the work of the agency. The improvement will be measurable in terms of both qualitative and quantitative benefits.
  • The program or process improvement implemented is in alignment with NIGP’s Values and Guiding Principles of Public Procurement (Accountability, Ethics, Impartiality, Professionalism, Service and Transparency). References; maturity pathway, global best practices
  • The program or process improvement can be successfully implemented by other procurement agencies.
  • The program or process improvement was fully implemented within the last two years prior to the Agency Award submittal deadline.


Evaluation Criteria

Submissions are evaluated against the following definitions of the stated criteria:

1. Analysis

  1. Describe the process for identify the need or problem to be solved
  2. Include any research into industry standards or best practices
  3. If multiple solutions were considered, describe how other viable solutions were eliminated from consideration
  4. Describe how the proposed solution aligns with the Values and Guiding Principles of Public Procurement.

2. Implementation

  1. Describe how the improvement was implemented.Include detail on phasing, marketing, training, etc.
  2. Address any challenges that were encountered during implementation.
    • Was there impact to the intended outcome?
    • Did the challenge affect the anticipated schedule?
    • How was the challenge overcome

3. Execution

  1. Describe the outcome of the change.
    • Did you achieve the results expected? If not, what is different?
    • Were there any unintended consequences – either positive or negative? If so, describe how they impact the success of the change.
    • Describe how the change has advanced alignment with the Values and Guiding Principles of Public Procurement. Were the identified opportunities for alignment achieved (see 1.d. above).

4. Outcome & Transferability

  1. Describe what measurable results were achieved?
  2. Describe any lessons learned that might be valuable to other agencies attempting a similar change.
  3. Describe any plans for continued monitoring and/or improvements?
  4. Is the process you followed something that could be adapted by another agency?If so, would you recommend any changes?


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