Individual Awards - Awards for Procurement Professionals

Advancing the profession relies on the leadership of individuals and the commitment of organizations

Each year NIGP recognizes individual and agency members who have achieved hallmark status in the eyes of their peers.

Congratulations to the 2019 Winners

Albert H. Hall Memorial Award

Established in 1977, this is NIGP's highest award, which is named in honor of NIGP's founder, Albert H. Hall. Professionals receiving the Albert H. Hall Memorial Award also earn the designation of ‘Fellow of NIGP’ or FNIGP.

The recipient demonstrates:

  • Innovation in changing procurement concepts and procedures
  • A clear predominant personal effort without which the contributions would not have been made
  • Involvement with other levels of government in public procurement programs and objectives

And is a Career public procurement official and active leader in public procurement organizations.

Gillespie, Marcheta_opt
Marcheta E. Gillespie, CPPO, CPPB, C.P.M., CPM

Distinguished Service Awards (DSA)

The recipients:

  • Demonstrate an original and innovative resolution of a critical procurement issue
  • Contribute to a one-time, outstanding effort, which benefited either NIGP or their organization
  • Help to bring credit to NIGP and/or their organization with exceptional contributions to the procurement field or their community

Jack Adger, CPPO, CPPB
Assistant Purchasing Agent
Harris County, TX

Stacy Gregg
Stacy Gregg, CPPO, CPPB
Procurement Manager
The University of South Carolina

Anne Deatherage Meritorious Service Award

Established in 2005, this award is named in honor of NIGP's Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Anne Deatherage, who served the Institute in a variety of leadership capacities from 1972 to 2005.

The recipient:

  • Contributes to committees organized by NIGP and/or a NIGP Chapter
  • Demonstrates exceptional leadership within NIGP governance, a NIGP Chapter affiliate and/or a NIGP strategic partner over an extended period of time
  • Mad specific, individual contributions to public procurement that have made a difference in enhancing the quality, relevancy, recognition or value of the profession.

Keith K. Glatz, CPPO
Purchasing & Contracts Manager
City of Tamarac, FL

Manager of the Year

The Manager of the Year is a public procurement professionals who has supervisory or management responsibilities and demonstrates:

  • Responsibility of overall procurement/material management activities in a specific governmental entity to include the supervision of procurement personnel and/or the display of executive abilities involving economic/financial, technical, statistical, legal, and administrative attributes.
The awardee must be a current member of NIGP and document the efforts during the previous two years (January 1, 2017 – December 31, 2018).


Nathan J. Daou, CPPO, C.P.M., CPPB, A.P.P.
Contract Administrator
City of Tucson, AZ

Buyer of the Year

The recipient demonstrates excellence in the following:

  • The process of determining the customer requirements, reviewing specifications and requirements, developing and issuing bids, evaluating offers and selecting the vendor, arriving at fair and reasonable price and terms, preparing the contract or purchase order, vendor relations, following up to ensure timely delivery, shipping/receiving, inventory and warehousing, and contract administration provisions.

The awardee must be a current member of NIGP and document the efforts during the previous two years (January 1, 2017 – December 31, 2018).

Diane Marie Murzynski, CPPO, CPPB
Purchasing Coordinator
City of Albany, OR

Ethics-in-Action Video Contest Winner

Congratulations to the Virginia Beach City Public Schools purchasing team for their award-winning video submission - Ethical Cheaters.

View video


Mandatory Criteria for ALL Awards:

Assessment is based on the nominee’s involvement at the Community, Agency, Chapter/Regional/National and Institute (NIGP) level.

  • Active Promoter in education and professional development
  • Supporter of public procurement organizations
  • Demonstrated Passion the public procurement profession and for the vision and mission of NIGP
  • Create and maintain high ethical and moralStandards, ethical and moral in accordance with NIGP Code of Ethics
  • Active in non-procurement community affairs
  • Public procurement Certifications
  • Endorsement letters in support of the nominee – Two letters are required plus the narrative in the nomination form


  • NIGP Governing Board members as well as members of the Finance, Member, and Talent Councils are ineligible for these awards if they are a current Board Member at time of nomination.
  • All nominations, including self-nominations, require two letters of endorsement. The narrative in the nomination form will also be considered by the NIGP Awards Committee.
  • For Buyer and Manager of the Year, please only identify activities for the last two years (2017 and 2018).


Points are awarded by the level of involvement or contribution in these areas:

  • Community (procurement and non-procurement related) – 1 point per activity
  • Agency – 2 points per activity
  • Chapter/Regional/National – 3 points per activity
  • Institute (NIGP) – 4 points per activity

Past Award Winners Individuals

  • Albert H. Hall Memorial Award

  • Anne Deatherage Meritorius Service Award

  • Buyer of the Year Award

  • Manager of the Year

  • Distinguished Service Awards

  • Leadership Award

  • Young Professional Award

  • Volunteer Award

  • Integrity Award

  • NIGP President's Special Awards

  • MEASURE Up Award

  • NIGP Best Practices Award

  • Innovations in Public Procurement Award

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