Why Join as an Agency?

How is procurement perceived in your organization?

  • Do you have clear procurement processes in place?
  • Do you monitor and control your procurement function?
  • Is procurement part of the strategic planning processes?
  • Is the professional development of your procurement staff at the level it should be?
Let your agency be the example of public procurement excellence that others emulate. NIGP provides the tools to make this a reality.

Agency Support

  • Public Procurement Profiler – Essentials |

  • Profiler-Essentials is a free online evaluation tool designed to help identify whether your agency takes a structured or unstructured approach to procurement and to help you understand the consequences of any Essentials gaps.
  • Public Procurement Profiler - Self Assessment |

  • Helps identify the best model of procurement for an agency and, through greater understanding, improves procurement practice.

  • Maturity Framework |

  • The pathway to professional practice who's foundation is the well-established four principles of management as articulated by Henri Fayol in 1916: Plan, Process, Lead and Control.

  • Agency Accreditation |

  • Agency accreditation reflects your entity’s achievement of professional competency. Achieving accreditation exhibits your commitment to the highest standards of the procurement profession and processes. NIGP offers three programs to recognize and reward agencies for their commitment to professional excellence.
  • Public Procurement Principles and Practices |

  • NIGP and the UK-based Chartered Institute for Procurement and Supply (CIPS) collaboratively develop and support the Public Procurement Principles and Practices that set the standard for the profession around the world. From “Cooperative Contracts” to “Transparency” you’ll find Practices that provide foundational reference for best practices in your agency.

Time-Saving Tools

  • Peer Networks |

  • Why reinvent the wheel? Ask a quick question of someone who’s “been there, done that”?.

  • NIGP Library |

  • Contains thousands of solicitations, templates, periodicals, and research-based publications to help with your latest solicitations, supplier inquiries, and more.

  • NIGP Dictionary |

  • Over 10,000 entries make the NIGP Online Dictionary of Procurement Terms the most comprehensive reference for public purchasing terms and concepts.

  • Sourcing Tools |

  • For day-to-day supplier research and due diligence, cooperative purchasing program references and price indexes to help you negotiate more effectively.

  • Management Tools |

  • NIGP offers access to advanced tools that will help you improve agency effectiveness.


NIGP members stay abreast of the latest professional news and trends through industry publications, NIGP position and white papers and bi-monthly eNewsletters.
  • Publications |

  • NIGP publishes textbooks in both electronic and bound formats, position papers, research reports, white papers, an eNewsletter (Nform – distributed the first and third Wednesday of every month) and Government Procurement Magazine (published six times a year). All focus exclusively on topics relevant to public procurement.
  • Job Board |

  • Members can search or post vacancies on the NIGP electronic job board. Postings are free to member agencies and are valid for 45 days.
  • NIGP Store |

  • The NIGP store maintains over 40 titles of procurement and contracting-specific references to expand your professional library and help you day-to-day.

Add Members to your Agency Membership

For those agencies that already hold NIGP membership and would like to add additional members to their agency membership.

To add members:  

2-10 per person - $90
11-20 per person - $85
21-40 per person - $80

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