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NIGP volunteer leaders are essential to the ongoing success of our professional association. They bring diversity, perspective, talent, skill, and passion into the discussion as the Institute develops and implements its mission to serve the public procurement profession. As volunteers serve the Institute, the Institute serves the profession, and the profession serves society

NIGP offers volunteer opportunities with various time commitments, from short-term to long-term, there are options to fit your needs

Through participation on NIGP Boards, Councils, Committees and Task Forces, you will expand your awareness of NIGP and the profession, and ensure that we continue to support the needs of our members and the profession through premier educational and research programs, professional support and advocacy initiatives.

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  • Influencing the direction of public procurement
  • Being recognized as an industry leader
  • Acquiring expertise on complex issues while sharpening and learning new skills
  • Building networks with like-minded professionals
  • Gaining prominence and bringing visibility to your agency
  • Growing as a leader the only way you can – through experience
  • Contributing to a cause you believe in
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Fortunately, volunteerism comes in different shapes and sizes. There are longer time commitments as well as quick opportunities through focused task forces or single episodic events. Most volunteer opportunities do not require travel. Several opportunities include the need to engage thought leaders who are not practicing professionals but who bring unique expertise and perspective to the table. Their inclusion inspires innovation. Some opportunities can be accomplished through individual effort rather than as a group. However, there are some key, universal requirements:

  • A commitment to volunteer the time that’s sufficient to make a difference
  • A commitment to engage in purposeful conversation and the ensuing work to be accomplished
  • A commitment to the mission of NIGP and the advancement of public procurement

How to Apply

Step 2:

All volunteer recruitment efforts are channeled through the NIGP Talent Council. The application for all volunteer opportunities can be completed any time. (There may be occasional recruitment efforts that are time bound. These efforts will be announced by the Talent Council via NIGP’s NForm communications and on the home page of the NIGP Website and deadlines for submittal will be established.) 

Step 3:

  • The Pipeline & Placement committee (a committee of the Talent Council) will review your application and will likely want to have a phone conversation with you to begin the process of matching your talent and passions with any current and future openings.
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The requirements will differ depending on the board, council, committee, task force or independent organization you wish to serve. The links below define the minimum eligibility requirements as well as knowledge, skills and abilities that are requested from volunteers based on the type of volunteer assignment:

Roles and responsibilities of committees and task forces


Roles and responsibilities of board & councils



Have a question, concern, complaint, or compliment regarding volunteer opportunities? Send us a confidential email to comments@nigp.org and we will get back to you. 

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Volunteer with your local Chapter

If you would like to contribute to the ongoing support of your profession and your colleagues locally, you will find many opportunities to serve through your NIGP chapter. Many chapters host tradeshow events, educational programs and networking meetings that rely on the volunteer efforts of its members to ensure their programs’ success.

To locate the NIGP Chapter nearest you and learn how you can become more active in NIGP activities close to home, visit the Chapter Directory.

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