How do I login to the NIGP site?

We have a new login procedure that uses your e-mail address and a unique password that you define. If you have forgotten your password or do not have one click here


  • I need to add a member to my agency membership, how do I do that?
    Please submit the Additional Member Application form to membercare@nigp.org with a form of payment.

  • I need to remove and add a member at the same time, how do I do that?
    If you are within your membership renewal time frame, this can be done directly online by having the listed agency representative login to their profile and make the change to the listed agency roster. The change will not save, unless the membership is renewed at the same time. If you are outside your renewal time frame, please have the listed agency representative send an email to membercare@nigp.org requesting the swap. Please be sure to include why the individual is being removed (left agency, retired, or not covered), and to include all the contact information for the new member.

  • I received a membership renewal notice, how do I go about renewing my membership?
    The listed agency representative who is named on the notice can login to their NIGP profile and process the renewal invoice online with a credit card, or the invoice can be scanned and emailed to membercare@nigp.org  with a copy of a purchase order. If paying by check, please mail the check to: NIGP, 2411 Dulles Corner Park, Suite 350, Herndon, VA 20171.

  • I need to remove a member, how do I do that?
    The listed agency representative can send the change to membercare@nigp.org. Within the email, please list if they have left the agency, retired, or are being listed as not covered.

  • I am the agency representative, how do I view my agency roster?
    Agency rosters are only available to view online during your renewal time frame, which is typically 3 months in advance of your expiration date. If you are not within your renewal time frame, please send an email to membercare@nigp.org requesting a roster.

  • What is my membership number?
    To view your membership number, please login to your NIGP profile.

  • The agency representative who use to handle the membership is no longer with the agency, how do I replace them?
    Please send the change in writing to membercare@nigp.org. Please be sure to include all the contact information for the new agency representative.

  • I currently have an individual membership, and that membership is up for renewal, but I want to change my membership to an agency membership. What do I do?
    Please fill out and submit the Membership Application, and then scan and email it to membershipinfo@nigp.org. In the body of the email, please explain that you are switching from an individual membership to an agency membership.

  • What’s the difference between an individual membership and an agency membership?
    Benefits of an individual and agency membership are the same. Agency memberships are paid by the agency and can include more than one person. Individual memberships are paid by the individual.

  • My agency added me to their membership roster, but I still have not received my login information. How do I login to my profile?
    Often the welcome emails can get blocked by firewalls or filtered to spam folders. To login to your NIGP account, select sign in at the top right-hand corner of the home page, then select forgot password. Input the email address that your work submitted on your behalf (usually it is your work email address), then once you hit submit, a temporary password will be emailed to you.

  • If I leave my organization, does my membership "travel" with me?
    The membership belongs to the agency. However, if your job is with a public purchasing agency, that agency may already be a member. If not, we strongly encourage you to have them join NIGP.

  • I switched from one agency to another, how do I get added to my new agency?
    Your new agency must request you be added to their membership. This can be done by submitting the Additional Member Application form . Please make sure the agency representative signs the Additional Member Application form. The form can be sent to membercare@nigp.org.

  • I am a chapter member, does that include membership with NIGP?
    NIGP chapter membership is separate from an NIGP Institute membership and are paid for individually

  • How do I change my personal information online?
    Please login to your My Profile and click on Edit Contact Info or Edit Demographics.

  • I need information on the NIGP Codes
    Please contact the NIGP Code, at www.nigp.com.

  • I am a member of NIGP. Am I automatically enrolled in my state or local chapter of NIGP (or vice versa)?
    Although NIGP Chapters subscribe to NIGP’s principles and develop partnerships with the National office in the sponsorship of educational seminars, the chapters are legally separate entities. NIGP urges you to also join your state or local chapter to gain full access to professional development and networking opportunities in your geographical area. Check NIGP’s Web site for a list of NIGP Chapters.


  • How do I register a group for a seminar?
    From the event page please download and fill out print/fax form for each person and submit them to registrationinfo@nigp.org alongside PO or credit card info to process registrations.

  • I need to cancel a seminar I am signed up for
    Seminar cancellation must be sent to registrationinfo@nigp.org . Please be sure to review the seminar cancellation policy prior to submitting the cancellation.  Cancellation Policy for Courses

  • I can no longer attend a seminar I registered for, what are my options for cancelling?
    Cancellation Policy for Courses  You may also have someone attend in your place at no additional costs, if the membership levels are the same.

  • I need a copy of my NIGP transcript
    NIGP transcripts can be printed directly from your NIGP profile. Please login to your account to do so. Once logged in, click on My Profile, and then on the right-hand side under My Account Links, select View Transcript.

CPPB/CPPO Certification

  • I would like more information on becoming certified.
    Please visit the Universal Public Procurement Certification Council’s website at www.uppcc.org for information on CPPB and CPPO certification.

  • I have a question regarding certification/recertification
    Please contact the UPPCC, their website is www.uppcc.org, NIGP does not handle the certification process.


  • Can I pay with a PO?
    Yes. Please submit the PO along with the registration form / membership invoice to customercare@nigp.org

  • I need a copy of a paid invoice
    If the invoice is for an agency membership renewal, please send the request to membercare@nigp.org. If the invoice is for a seminar, bookstore purchase, or individual membership, you can login to your NIGP profile and print off the invoice without having to contact NIGP.

  • What is the most efficient way to pay for my membership?

    ONLINE by clicking JOIN to start a membership or MY PROFILE to renew.

    Payments for membership dues are accepted by check and credit card (procurement cards are accepted; however, all charges will be in US Funds). Checks should be mailed to NIGP, 2411 Dulles Corner Park, Suite 350, Herndon, VA  20171. For payment by credit card, please contact the Membership Department, at 800-FOR-NIGP x228.

    Please Note: Only the Agency Representative may add or remove individuals from the organization's membership online during renewal.

Questions about Pathways or
NIGP-CPP Certification?


When may I change my membership staff listings?

Additional members may be added to the existing membership at any time. Charges will apply. Please consult the Agency Membership Categories and rates chart to calculate charges. Membership will not be prorated.

Add Members to your Agency Membership

For those agencies that already hold NIGP membership and would like to add additional members to their agency membership.

To add members:  

2-10 per person - $90
11-20 per person - $85
21-40 per person - $80

Apply Now


Please email your question(s) to membercare@nigp.org Or call the Member Services Specialist at 800-367-6447, x0

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