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As an Enterprise Sponsor, how does your company hope to impact the public procurement community?

NIGP’s Enterprise Sponsor Program is an all-in-one, single-tier, sponsorship for corporations that recognize the public good that can be achieved through alignment with the foremost authority in public procurement, its professional community and like-minded organizations.

Our focus is building long term relationships with agencies, and helping them understand the different levels of investment required, to achieve different business goals…

NIGP Business Council Member: Graybar


Being a part of NIGP's Enterprise Sponsor Program is an opportunity your company can’t afford to miss out on – especially once you consider that NIGP is the foremost authority on Public Procurement and the audience we reach includes more than 15,000 professionals from 3,000 local, state, provincial and federal government contracting agencies across the United States, Canada, and countries outside of North America.

Business Council Benefits

As part of the Business Council, NIGP’s Sponsors:
  • Become an integral partner in the development of NIGP programs that meet the professional and business development needs of our members, our Sponsors and our association.
  • Serve as private sector advisors to the NIGP Board
  • Help educate our members on industry trends through white papers and other outreach opportunities
  • Acts as private sector contributors to the NIGP research agenda

More Information

Contact Brent Maas, Director, Marketing & Outreach, at 800-367-6447, Ext. 229, or email bmaas@nigp.org

Written by Members of the Business Council

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