NIGP Forum 2023

Resources for Presenters

Congratulations on being selected to present at the NIGP 2023 Forum in Louisville!  We are looking forward to having you join us to present your work. NIGP knows that preparing for a presentation can be stressful, we are here to help. The resources on this page—which include information about NIGP’s expectations, presentation best practices, recording logistics, and effective slide deck creation—will help you as you prepare to participate in the upcoming Forum.  




Start building your presentation

Download the Powerpoint Template 

Presentation Preparation Checklist

 Register for the Forum by August 19

 Create your slide deck for your presentation using the Forum 2023 Presentation Template.

 Attend a preparation call on May 23 with NIGP staff to review your presentation logistics.  

 Submit your final slides to the Presenter Console by July 17.  

 Pack for Louisville! Don’t forget your computer or presentation – NIGP cannot provide one for you.

Preparing your Presentation