NIGP Forum 2022

Resources for Presenters

Congratulations on your presentation at the NIGP 2022 Forum in Boston!

Congratulations on being selected to present at the upcoming NIGP 2022 Forum in Boston! We are excited to gather again in person and are looking forward to having you join us to present your work. NIGP knows that preparing for a presentation can be stressful, but we are here to help. The resources on this page—which include information about NIGP’s expectations, presentation best practices, recording logistics, and slide deck creation—will help you as you prepare to participate in the Forum.




Office Hours

Schedule a 15-minute call in late June or early July with Chanda Taylor Carpenter to review your presentation and receive personalized recommendations (optional).

Schedule your 15 Minute call

Presentation Preparation Checklist

 Register for the Forum

 OnDemand Presentations only – Register for a recording call with the virtual platform, CNTV

 Watch NIGP’s presentation prep video to hear presentation tips and tricks

 Create a slide deck for your presentation.

 Submit your slides to NIGP for final proofreading (optional) Upload

 Meet 1:1 with Chanda Taylor Carpenter, Content Director, to review slides, discuss expectations, receive expert advice on presentation. (optional)

 Register for a 15-20 minute preparation call in June with NIGP staff to review your presentation logistics (whether in-person or virtual).

 Send final slides to the NIGP Dropbox by July 29th

 Pack for Boston! Don’t forget your computer or presentation – NIGP cannot provide one for you.


Preparing Your Presentation

NIGP is here to help you with your presentation. In this 10 minute training video Todd Slater, Barbara Gabriel and Lauren Anderson provide you with NIGP expectations, tips/takeaways for presentation success and what resources are available on this page

Join NIGP for a 30-minute webinar on things to keep in mind for your specific presentation type (live-streamed, in person, or pre-recorded). 

Recording of these webinars are provided here.

In-Person Presentation Presenter Call

Live Streamed Presentation Presenter Call 

OnDemand Presenter Preparation Call Recording

NIGP is offering an optional proofreading service to provide that helpful “extra set of eyes” for your presentation slide deck. This service is only for a high-level review for grammar/spelling of your presentation.

Submit your Presentation for Review

Key Dates

  • Submit your presentation for review to Barbara by July 8th 
  • Edits will be returned to you by email by July 22nd
  • Upload your final presentation by July 29th.