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NIGP-CPP Exam Assessment Tools

The NIGP-CPP Online Assessment Tools Just Got Even Better 

We listened to your valuable feedback and made revisions to the two interactive assessment tools.

  • We increased the number of questions from 75 to 150 on Module A and Module B assessments. 
  • Plus, the new practice accessements feature more scenario-based questions that were developed by NIGP-CPPs and a professional certification team.

NIGP members and non-members can purchase essential an online assessment tool to virtually prepare for the exam.

NIGP now provides two interactive assessment tools that  provide personalized insight into your procurement knowledge before you test. Find out what focus areas and what specific competencies you excel at and what you need to focus on. Plus, you receive immediate feedback on every single question. You instantly know if your selection was right or wrong and learn why.

How It Works

  • The Module A and Module B Assessments each include 2 practice assessments with 75 questions.  That means the Module A and Module B Assessments include 150 questions each.
  • If you are preparing for the NIGP-CPP Comprehensive Exam, you will need to take the practice assessment for Modules A and B.
  • If you are a current CPPO or CPPB certificant and are preparing for the NIGP-CPP Bridge Exam, you only need to take the practice assessment for Module B.

Personalized Report

After you complete all the questions, both assessment tools provide a customized summary of your overall score by focus area.  They also break down your results by individual competency and includes lists of courses you can take to gain more knowledge in the recommended area.

Test Your Progress

Both assessments can be taken four (4) times.  Once to get your baseline score and a second time after you study to measure your progress.

Module A Exam Prep



Module B Exam Prep



I was particularly pleased to get instant feedback question by question, that really helps with retention and taking note of gaps in knowledge. Many many kudos!!

Assistant Manager - Procurement Division
Orange County, FL