Global Best Practice - Information Technology (IT) Procurement: No. 3 - Hardware

This global practice is the third in the series of Information Technology (IT) procurement and focuses on procuring hardware. Like other forms of IT commodities, hardware is complex and technical. To be successful, procurement should use solicitation templates that have been developed specifically for IT hardware. These templates should include language that safeguards the security and ownership of the data, records, and other procurement-related information that is stored on the hardware from contract award through hardware disposal. This practice outlines the considerations that need to be taken when procuring hardware, including understanding how hardware integrates with software. The practice also outlines the considerations that need to be made by procurement and other stakeholders (end users, IT, finance, etc.) throughout the procurement process and post-award process. Considering device disposal and data control should always be top considerations when procuring IT hardware. This practice details what procurement professionals should consider when determining how to safely secure and maintain data from existing hardware during a transfer to new hardware.