Government Procurement Magazine - April/May 2018

The April/May 2018 issue of Government Procurement features "A Seat at the Table," which takes an in-depth look at the important steps procurement professionals can take to make sure they have a say in procurement decisions, whether they are part of a procurement team or stand as the only procurement professional in their office. The article uses data collected by a survey that was sent out to procurement professionals in early April 2018 to find out how members of the profession feel about procurement standing as its own entity or being a part of the finance department. Other articles in this issue include "State CIOs Want to Maintain the Cost and Quality of Services: How Procurement Can Help," "The Textbook Purchasing Gauntlet," and "Blockchain: A Path to Unblocking Government Procurement Processes?" In addition, this month's edition of "Language Matters" focuses on the difference between the phrases "Scope of Work" and "Statement of Work." This issue also includes part three of the five-part series "The Procurement Professional's Guide to Negotiating Energy Supply Agreements.'