Public Procurement Designation Intensive

Public Procurement Designation Intensive

  • Date: 10/21/2024 - 11/11/2024
  • Level: Foundation
  • Format: Blended
  • Contact Hours: 45.5
  • CEUs: 4.55

Immerse yourself in the essential skills of public procurement with NIGP's intensive training program. Gain access to three core certificates over three weeks of comprehensive learning. Week 1 focuses on the foundations of strategy and policy, followed by week 2 which delves into planning and analysis. In week 3, you will receive expert instruction on sourcing and contracting. This activity-based learning experience is designed to equip you with the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in the strategic function of procurement. Don't miss out on this opportunity for personal and professional growth.


Stephanie Akerley & Kristy Varda


Online Live Learning Event (OLLE)
OLLE attendance is mandatory and is required for successfully course completion.  OLLE meeting link and login information will be distributed via email at the start of the course.
OLLE schedule is as follows:  
Monday, October 21      2-3PM EST(Orientation - optional)
Monday, October 28      1-3PM EST
Monday, November 04     1-3PM EST 
Followed by 3 days of live instructions: November 05 - 07;  10 AM - 7 PM EST 
Public Procurement Designation Intensive (Member: Early)$1,000.00 08/22/2024
Public Procurement Designation Intensive (Member: Standard)$1,250.0008/23/202410/17/2024
Public Procurement Designation Intensive (Non-Member)$1,350.00 10/17/2024
Public Procurement Designation Intensive (Member: Early) $1,000.00
Public Procurement Designation Intensive (Non-Member) $1,350.00
(prices valid until Aug 22, 2024)
Spots available: 14


Registration provides the learner access to three of NIGP's Pathways core certificates presented over 3 weeks:

Week 1: 1 hour of live instruction, and on demand content: Foundations of Strategy and Policy.
  •  Participate effectively in strategic planning activities
  • Advise internal and external clients on the strategic function of procurement.
  • Identify the differences between Law, Regulations and Policy, and Common Law.
  • Manage risk through proper identification and mitigation.
  • Operate with transparency.
  • Select the relevant procurement legislation, regulation, and laws that apply to the work.
  • Recognize and manage ethical and legal issues.
Week 2: 1 hour of live instruction, remaining time self study: Foundations of Planning and Analysis.
  • Analyze the requirements for a project and provide the best solutions for the entity.
  • Determine the components and criteria required to successfully award a contract that meets the needs of the end user
  • Describe how to customize terms and conditions in a contract to meet the entity’s needs.
  • Evaluate, select, and apply the tools and processes available for a comprehensive procurement plan.
  •  Analyze the requirements of various internal stakeholders in order to adopt one set of specifications for commonly procured commodities.
  • Design contracts that satisfy the shared needs of multiple internal stakeholders to promote efficiency of the procurement function.
  • Evaluate cost and price data to determine total cost of ownership to an entity.
  • Compare the price of a commodity against the benefit to be derived by the entity to determine whether the expenditure is justifiable.
Week 3: 1 hour of live instruction, followed by 3 full days of instructor-led training on Foundations of Sourcing and Contracting.
  •  Identify the appropriate source selection method and describe the components required to successfully meet the needs of the end user.
  • Identify advantages and disadvantages of contracting for commodities.
  • Assist the end user in developing and preparing effective and open specifications, pricing strategies, and terms and conditions to promote maximum competition in the marketplace.
  • Identify and describe the different types of evaluation methodologies and their associated application.
  • Identify and select the most responsive offer(s) and responsible supplier(s).
  • Prepare to conduct a negotiation by engaging in market research, determining negotiating strategy and goals, and selecting the negotiating team.
  • Conduct and document negotiations with each selected offeror to determine the proposal that best meets entity needs.
  • Establish a performance assessment plan to ensure that all stakeholders are complying with the procurement as established in the contract.

Intended Audience

This offering is targeted to individuals who meet or exceed the following professional demographics:  

  • Entry-level public procurement and central warehouse professionals who serve as assistants, coordinators, buyers, or equivalent functions within their respective entities.   

  • Non-procurement managers and supervisors who are responsible for either the procurement function or staff who provide procurement functions under delegated authority.   

  • Professionals who are employed by governing entities and special authorities (such as K-12 and higher education, publicly-owned utilities, transportation providers, and other publicly-funded or created organizations) that either serve within or manage the procurement function.  

  • Suppliers or representatives of suppliers seeking to understand the public procurement function from a holistic level, including the policies, standards, and procedures by which public entities must function.  

Completion Requirements

A capstone activity and assessment complete the course.

Once all requirements are met, learners are awarded the Designation digital badge and certificate. This includes completing all assessments with a passing score and a post-course evaluation survey available in ASPIRE. This recognition is a great way for practitioners to show their skills and knowledge across competencies that are at the heart of the public procurement function.

  • Foundations of Strategy & Policy Final Assessment: Passing rate is 81% or higher.
  • Foundations of Planning & Analysis Final Assessment: Passing rate is 80% or higher.
  • Foundations of Sourcing & Contracting Final Assessment: Passing rate is 87% or higher. 


Payment Information

  • Register online with credit card
  • Register online and upload a Purchase Order
  • Register by fax and download the print & fax form


Methods of Payment Accepted: Check (make checks payable to NIGP), Purchase Orders (via print and fax form or online), and Credit Cards (Master Card, Visa, and American Express).

If paying by check, please make check payable to NIGP and send payment to:
NIGP, Attn: Seminar Registration
440 Monticello Avenue Suite 1802
PMB 63452
Norfolk, VA 23510


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Public Procurement Designation Intensive

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