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Company Overview

Deliver public services faster by finding the right contract for you from your favorite local, state, and national sources—for free—with Pavilion.

Pavilion is purpose-built to help you work smarter by providing access to the largest network of shareable contracts from across the country. Find and use contracts from local entities, states, GSA, and national purchasing cooperatives like NASPO ValuePoint, OMNIA Partners, Sourcewell, and more, all in one place. Public procurement professionals use Pavilion to save 20 hours on average each week.

All shareable contracts under one roof.

With Pavilion, you can:

Find the right contract. We search across the country’s largest network of shareable contracts, from national purchasing cooperatives to your neighbors’ filing cabinets, to show you the best results for your entity’s needs.

Expedite due diligence. Download or view solicitation and contract documents directly in your browser to understand pricing, specifications, scopes of work, and more.

Streamline supplier interactions. Connect with the right supplier contact and get a fast response. We'll start an email thread directly between you and the supplier and provide hands-on support on next steps.

Share your contracts. Maximize the value of your contracts for your entity and peers in public service. Join Orange County, CA, City of Mesa, Arizona, Rockland County, New York, and hundreds of other entities sharing contracts with Pavilion.

Free for public entities, always. Pavilion is free for public entities and we intend to keep it that way, period. There is no cost to search or view contract information. Simply go to to get started!