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Annual construction volume $2.4B
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Gordian is the leading provider of innovative construction data, software and services to organizations pursuing efficient and effective construction planning, estimating and procurement. As the pioneer of Job Order Contracting, Gordian’s ever-growing portfolio of procurement solutions leverages highly specialized, cloud-based project management software to deliver rapid deployment and long-term cost savings for the nation’s facility and infrastructure owners. From planning to procurement to maintenance and operations, Gordian’s expanding suites of solutions includes our RSMeans data products and services, as well as Sightlines Facilities Intelligence services. Gordian serves clients from every sector by providing efficient and effective solutions that maximize efficiency, optimize cost savings and increase quality across the entire construction lifecycle.

Address Your Community’s Critical Facilities and Infrastructure Needs

Agencies and departments are managing more diverse building portfolios and infrastructure assets than ever before, both in function and age. Managing and operating these physical assets comes with many competing priorities and interested stakeholders, and organizations are faced with challenges in both project execution and the strategic aspects of providing safe, reliable and functional spaces.

Effectively Plan, Build and Manage Facilities and Infrastructure

For decades, Gordian has partnered with community and institutional leaders to help them solve intricate challenges, and thousands of organizations rely on that partnership to ensure they are providing safe and healthy physical assets for everyone in the community.

Make a Positive Impact on Your Community

From significant construction time and cost savings to actively supporting local and minority businesses, Gordian’s customers experience ongoing strategic and project-specific benefits through our partnership.

"We want to showcase that government is looking at ways we can streamline processes, make better use of funds and be able to get work done so we can protect citizens, as well as put safe and reliable facilities together. It’s an important thing for us.”

 - Phil Boothby | Director of Capital Planning & Policy, Cook County, Illinois


Gordian’s Solutions

Gordian’s solutions maximize efficiency throughout all phases of a building’s lifecycle, from planning and design, through procurement, construction and operations. These solutions deliver streamlined processes and services to state, local and federal government, K-12 and higher education institutions, those in healthcare, and more.

We strive to optimize construction procurement outcomes and help those in government maximize productivity and improve construction quality by delivering comprehensive and accurate construction data, robust cloud software and specialized expertise.

Efficient Construction Project Delivery

The construction procurement process can be a long one. Sometimes, as in the case of a new courthouse or rec center, that’s necessary. But when it comes to repairs, renovations and alterations the traditional procurement process can hinder progress. That’s why state and local agencies across the United States turn to Gordian’s Job Order Contracting (JOC) solutions.

Job Order Contracting is an Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) construction delivery method that allows many projects to be completed with a single, competitively-awarded contract. Ideal for completing work in short time frames, this single-bid process empowers you to start projects faster. Job Order Contracting is also available via shared contracts held by state and local governments and cooperative purchasing networks.

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Construction Without Limits

of JOC Projects are delivered on budget.
estimated owner administrative cost savings

Reliable Project Cost Data

Access to reliable construction costs is vital for budgeting and estimating projects — especially when resources are limited. You need cost data you can trust. RSMeans data from Gordian has set the industry standard for construction cost accuracy since the 1940s. Today, the cost database contains more than 92,000 unit line items, each researched and validated by our team of engineers and data scientists. We dedicate so much time and care into RSMeans data for one reason: to give you peace of mind.

The most convenient way to access our construction costs is through RSMeans Data Online, our cloud-based solution. Not only does RSMeans Data Online allow you to access our entire database anywhere you can take your laptop, it comes with tools and features that help you budget for and estimate construction work and ongoing maintenance and repairs.

Actionable, Sustainable Capital Improvement Plans

The right facilities data and an outside perspective help you better understand your physical assets and prepare for the future. Our Sightlines Assessment & Planning solution takes a deep dive into the condition of your facilities so you can create actionable capital improvement plans. We’ll gather and analyze data, interview stakeholders and strategically segment buildings to help you understand your facilities’ needs, communicate the impact of your investments and prioritize project selection.

Gordian can help you better manage your facilities and infrastructure and ensure you’re maximizing resources every step of the way. Visit gordian.com/state-local.