Government Procurement Magazine - February/March 2019

The February/March 2019 issue of Government Procurement magazine's in-depth article, "Intersecting Timelines," takes a closer look at how public procurement is adapting to the quickening pace of technological development. Public procurement tends to move slower than technology, which can make it challenging to stay up-to-date. This article explores how some governments are working with innovative tech startups to implement new processes into procurement. This issue also includes part three of the 10-part series, "Top 10 Energy Buying Mistakes You Didn't Realize You Were Making (& How to Avoid Them)," with a look at the mistake of not establishing the best procurement strategy for your organization. This month's edition of "Language Matters" takes a look at Ethics, specifically three things that lead to the betrayal of ethics: leadership, mission creep, and survival. This issue celebrates NIGP milestone anniversaries and congratulates chapters that have been a part of NIGP for 25-75 years. Other articles include "Changing People's Minds about Change," which discusses how procurement leaders can help their teams and organizations embrace and implement new procurement tools and processes, and "Renewable Natural Gas Drives Revenue," which explores how fleets can help organizations make millions of dollars by using renewable natural gas as their energy source.