Government Procurement Magazine - August/September 2019

The August/September 2019 issue of Government Procurement magazine features the in-depth article "New Approaches to Cooperative Contracting." This article discusses how the procurement method of cooperative contracting helps procurement professionals and teams solve problems and expand their focus. The article "Are Leaders Made or Do They Emerge?" explores the concept of leadership and the different ways that individuals can become leaders and the various ways leadership can be demonstrated, from the fiery leader to the quiet yet confident leader. The article discusses how the best leaders empower those around them to make decisions, even if that sometimes leads to failure. The sixth installment of the 10-part series "Top 10 Energy Buying Mistakes you Didn't Realize You Were Making (& How to Avoid Them)" discusses the mistake of using a decentralized approach. The article "This New Technology is Empowering GPOs to Better Serve Public Procurement Customers – and it Can Help Your Agency Too" looks at how technology is helping group purchasing organizations (GPOs) and co-ops manage complex category procurements.