Government Procurement Magazine - June/July 2018

The June/July 2018 issue of Government Procurement includes a preview of the upcoming NIGP Forum, taking place in Nashville, Tennessee August 19-22, 2018, with several articles offering a sneak preview of the issues that will be discussed by panelists at the Forum. It also includes part four of the five-part series "Five Keys to Negotiating Energy Supply Agreements," with an article that focuses on the issue of usage bandwidth. This issue's in-depth article "Women in Procurement" offers a closer look at the successes of women in procurement along with an exploration of the daily challenges women in this industry face in their interactions with other professionals, their salaries, and their abilities to get promoted to higher positions. Other articles included in this issue are "Telling a Story," "Fair and Transparent Scoring: Wither the Coin Toss," and "Should We Be Worried About Procurement's Political Ties?" This issue's edition of "Language Matters" focuses on the two terms of "responsive" and "responsible," examining what these terms mean, how their meanings differ from each other, and what they look like in practice.