Deputy Procurement Manager

  • Company: Detroit Housing Commission
  • Location: Detroit, Michigan 48207
  • Salary: $60,000 to $70,000
  • Date Posted: July 21, 2021


The purpose of this position is to manage the purchasing and contracting function for the Detroit Housing Commission in accordance with Department of Housing and Urban Development regulations and policies. This includes developing procurement policies and procedures; accepting and scrutinizing vendor bids or proposals; selecting sources based upon analysis; arranging vendor contracts; bargaining for best costs; observing quality of purchased materials; and reviewing all activities incidental to buying and examining supplies, materials, equipment and services. The incumbent of this position receives general direction from the Director of Administrative Services, but is recognized as the technical expert on procurement and contracting subjects.


Oversee the total contracting and procurement functions for the Detroit Housing Commission by providing technical assistance to both superiors and colleagues in navigating the government procurement process to purchasing goods and services when needed to perform their responsibilities and to direct the work of subordinates to fulfill the requisites of internal and external procurement . Supervise technical staff engaged in procurement activities including securing contractual services and selling salvageable materials. Maintain a system of internal controls and develop activity reports and budgets for the operation of the Procurement Division. Review and approve all formal solicitations, including purchase requisitions received, specifications, lists of vendors, advertisements for bids, evaluations of bids and the recommendations to accept referenced documents prepared for the Board of Housing Commissioners and HUD. Provide technical assistance and advice to other divisional managers in the development of Request for Proposals, Professional Service Agreements and general procurement requests. Approve and conduct emergency procurement activities. Assist in the negotiation of contract terms, conditions and costs. Interface with the General Counsel to ensure that the legal aspects of procurement are followed. Develop and/or revise policies and procedures designed to further the efficient operation of the procurement program. Implement, monitor and document the use of policies and procedures for purchasing and contracting in accordance with applicable federal - U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and local and laws and procedures. Maintain of repository of information on updated changes; additions/deletions to regulations relative to governmental purchasing methods. Monitor, record and report on the Commission's HUD Section 3 compliance and minority business contracting activities. Review and approve evaluation plans for Requests For Proposals (RFP) or Requests for Qualifications /Quotations RFQ) Represent the Commission in contacts with vendors, consultants, contractors and potential contractors, Commission staff and governmental representatives. Direct appropriate procurement staff to assemble all documentation to create and maintain solicitation and contract files, to include preparing contract documents, acquiring authorizing signatures, distributing and retrieving contract award documents. Review and approve contractual agreements, negotiate amendments and price, and verify contract performance. Monitor materials and supplies requisitions for completion. Oversee the review of requisitions, solicitations of bids and proposals, analyses and recommendations of bid and proposal acceptances, and coordination of price and cost analyses. Direct the management of the DHC resource recovery program by selling surplus equipment, scrap metal, tires, supplies and materials, and properly accounting for disposal of surplus property. Oversee compliance reviews of procurement activities completed by DHC staff and/or Alternative Management Entities. Direct the staff of the Procurement Division. Direct the daily procurement activities. Provide weekly and monthly reports to DHC Administration giving updates/progress reports on procurement activities. Provide updates on regulatory changes at the bi-weekly Administrative Meetings. Respond to internal and external inquiries related to assigned procurement work. Assess staff skills, review requisite performance appraisals and make recommendations for improved work performance or disciplinary action as is necessary. Review all contract and solicitation files quarterly with key staff.

Application Process

Submit cover letter, resume detailing your qualifications/work experience and Voluntary Self- Identification forms to: Venesta Jones Detroit Housing Commission 1301 E. Jefferson Detroit, MI 48207 OR apply online at under Careers.

Contact Info

Name: Michael Rangos
Phone: 313-492-5280