Strategic Sourcing Specialist

  • Company: University of Kentucky
  • Location: Lexington, Kentucky 40506 United States
  • Salary:
  • Date Posted: September 10, 2021
  • Closing Date: September 22, 2021


This position manages a defined portfolio of products and/or services for UK HealthCare and will negotiate agreements optimizing price, delivery, and terms with vendors and contractors. The person in this position will: * maintain relationships with vendors and contractors to ensure good, reliable sources of supply, and information. * work with Value Analysis and teams in an effort to select, implement, and communicate contracts that support the needs of UK HealthCare. * Monitor market trends and conditions to ensure that their contract portfolio is benchmarked appropriately. * Manage strategic supplier relationships with regard to sourcing, developing, and implementing specific programs that support negotiation and administration of agreements for Supply Chain Management, and Value Analysis teams. * Work with clinicians, physicians, and Health System affiliates to standardize and optimize across the system as appropriate. * Other duties as assigned. This position is essential to UK Healthcare's operations and will follow UK Healthcare's schedule.


Sitting for long periods of time.

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