Compliance/Procurement Analyst

  • Company: Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency (SHRA)
  • Location: Sacramento, California 95814 USA
  • Salary: $63,976 to $81,651
  • Date Posted: August 1, 2022
  • Closing Date: August 31, 2022


The Compliance/Procurement Analyst provides technical and administrative support for contractors and the Agency as it relates to federal labor requirements, Minority and Women Business Enterprises, and Section 3 and provides technical and administrative support to the public and Agency for the procurement of services and supplies for the Agency. SHRA employees have the opportunity to perform meaningful and impactful work for an agency dedicated to providing affordable housing in the most impacted region of the nation.

Job Duties and Responsibilities: Labor Compliance

• Research federal, state and local laws, regulations, statutes, guidelines and other sources for collecting, tabulating and evaluating data

• Investigate employee complaints, collect back wages and enforce labor standards

• Conduct investigations and review with regulatory agencies

• Meet with contractors, grantees, sub-recipients and developers to provide program information

• Conduct confidential employee interviews at site visits

• Interpret and make wage determinations based on applicable laws, regulations ,procedures

• Determine contractor compliance during and through project completion

• Monitor and assure compliance with wage rates

• Conduct periodic site visits and payroll review to assure compliance MWBE Program

• Research, interpret and apply federal, state and local laws, regulations, guidelines and other sources for collecting, tabulating, evaluating and reporting data

• Implement programs to increase participation of MWBE firms on Agency projects

• Present program and requirements during pre-bid

• Assess and determine MWBE program responsiveness Section 3 and Affirmative Action

• Research, develop and maintain an employment program that complies with Executive Order 11246 and Section 3 of the HUD Act of 1968 and prepare reports as required

• Develop forms and contract language for Section 3 compliance

• Coordinate, educate and train, where necessary, Agency staff about the program

• Present program and requirements during pre-bid and pre-construction conferences

• Implement developed program in all federally financed construction contracts Procurement

• Develop bid packages for commodity, service, construction and professional services packages

• Coordinate pre-bid, award and pre-construction conferences

• Set up vendor/staff meetings

• Research, prioritize and determine appropriate procurement procedures based on dollar amount and Agency policy

• Write specifications and send to vendors, determining best quantity to cost Contract Maintenance

• Prepare contracts and other documents

• Request and validate required insurance certificates and license numbers

• Coordinate meetings with staff and vendors for signing of contracts and pre-bids

• Advise vendors of Agency procedures, policies, timelines and scope of work, wage and legal requirements

• Prepare, update, and modify purchase orders

• Review and validate construction bonds General

• Maintain a current information system on applicable laws, regulations and statutes

• Create and review bid documents for procurement, Section 3, labor compliance and MWBE requirements

• Maintain labor and compliance records for regulatory review

• Organize and conduct training sessions on Section 3, MWBE policy and labor compliance

• Present program information at internal and external meetings

• Maintain project and procurement related databases and produce related reports

• Train staff in procurement procedures and review work for correctness


BA degree plus one year experience OR AA degree plus 3 years experience OR 5 years experience in procurement, monitoring, business or related area. Knowledge of compliance requirements for Federal, State, and HUD funded projects.

Application Process

For a complete job announcement and/or to apply online, click on the following link:

Examination Process: Only the most qualified and up to 50 candidates will be invited to a written examination. Up to 16 candidates who pass the written examination will be invited to an oral examination. Only those who successfully pass the oral examination will be placed on an eligible list for this classification.