Contracts Specialist

  • Company: Washington Health Benefit Exchange
  • Location: Olympia, Washington 98501 United States
  • Salary: $61,395 to $73,539
  • Date Posted: May 2, 2022


* This is currently listed as a project/temporary position but is anticipated to be converted to a permanent position by June 30, 2023. Washington Health Benefit Exchange is a public-private partnership that operates the WAPlanfinder mobile app and Washington Healthplanfinder, the eligibility and enrollment portal used by one in four Washington residents to obtain health and dental coverage. Through Washington Healthplanfinder, individuals and families can compare and enroll in health insurance coverage and gain access to financial help and public programs like Washington Apple Health. The mission of the Exchange, a state-based marketplace, is to radically improve how Washington residents secure health insurance through innovative and practical solutions, an easy-to-use customer experience, our values of integrity, respect, equity and transparency, and by providing undeniable value to the health care community. The Exchange is also committed to identify and reach groups at risk for obstacles to access coverage, which includes supporting those who need assistance overcoming barriers to seek, find, and use their health insurance coverage. Specifically, the Exchange is embracing the following equity statement: Equity is a fundamental pillar to the society we seek to build. The process of advancing toward equity will be disruptive and demands vigilance, dismantling deeply entrenched systems of privilege and oppression. We must focus our efforts on people and places where needs are greatest, especially communities of color, and go beyond remedying a particular inequity to address all determinants of health. Our goal is that all Washingtonians have full and equal access to opportunities, power and resources to achieve their full potential. SUMMARY This position performs journey-level professional contract administration and is responsible for negotiating and preparing complex contracts, interagency agreements, leases, and letters of understanding to provide or obtain services or goods for WAHBE. Position also performs technical contract support activities including, but not limited to cost price analyses, compliance with Federal funding requirements and contract administration.


DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES * Arranges for, or performs an analysis of, proposals for administrative and technical requirements and cost factors. * Follows established regulations, policies, and procedures or, if necessary, obtains special approval to deviate from regulations, policy, or procedures. * Assists with the formulation, development, and/or revision of policies and procedures, as appropriate. * Negotiates with parties to any contract, agreement, etc., on terms and conditions establishing reasonable cost levels, equitable fees and profits, reporting dates and alternative proposals. * Coordinates and assists staff members with the evaluation of bids and proposals. * Obtains necessary signatures of parties to agreements, maintains a list of authorized contracts signatories, and coordinates the termination of agreements, contracts, etc., as necessary. * Develops, negotiates, and administers contracts with State agencies, federal agencies, and private vendors for goods and services. * Analyzes contracts to determine necessity for amendments or extensions of contracts, and administrative compliance with contractual obligations. * Initiates competitive bid projects, develops specifications and terms, initiates advertising for bids and provides for receipt, processing, and award of contracts. * Advises departmental divisions and staff members on procedures involved in contracting for goods or services. * Maintains procurement files, contract folders, databases, and other systems used to track information. * Routinely monitors contracts for compliance with federal debarment and insurance requirements. * Assists Accounting staff with Purchase Order creation and account reconciliation. * Participates in the development and presentation of contract trainings for applicable staff. * Participates in process improvement efforts, as appropriate. * Performs other duties as required. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS * An associate degree, and two years’ experience negotiating, administering, or terminating government contracts, contract property management, contract cost or price analyses, or contract compliance administration. Additional qualifying experience may substitute, year for year, for the education. * Knowledge of regulations, policies, and procedures for preparation of contracts, agreements, etc., business and professional services, practices and trends, sources of supply and cost factors, contract terminology and development. * Ability to deal with representatives of business to agree on terms of contracts; assure compliance with terms of contracts, agreement, etc., and obtain timely delivery of goods or services at the most reasonable prices. * Ability to coordinate contract negotiation work with efforts of other units in need of services if applicable and advise department offices and sections on contract terms and conditions.

Application Process

This position will be open until we find a suitable number of candidates to review. If interested, please submit an application as soon as possible. The Exchange reserves the right to close the recruitment at any time. Apply here:

Contact Info

Name: Gerard Buan, HR Director
Phone: 360-688-7726