By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the other side's priorities and interests to create valuable negotiation currency and bargaining power.
  • Think beyond parasitic negotiation strategies where one party must lose in order for the other to gain, and move to value creation strategies to make the pie bigger for both parties.
  • Leverage psychology principles to maximize deal satisfaction for the other party as a part of win-win negotiation strategy.
  • Recognize the difference in negotiation strategies between novice and advanced negotiators and put the advanced principles to use..

Competency Alignment

This course is designed as an exercise-based learning experience and is tied to NIGP’s Public Procurement Competency Framework. Upon completion of the course, learners will have demonstrated the successful knowledge, skills, and abilities in alignment with the following competencies:


Redefining the concept, Win-Win Negotiation Strategies explores the strategic application of win-win negotiations for use with internal end users and stakeholders as well as with suppliers. Rather than cutting the pie down the middle—more commonly known as lose/lose—this course focuses on how to make the pie bigger for all parties involved. Insightful strategies that are applicable in the public realm will be reviewed to think outside of the box, generate better results for both parties, make the other party feel better about the deal once finalized, and to move towards advanced negotiation strategies based on psychology research and the best practices of negotiation experts.



Key 3 - All Contact Hours, CEUs and Accredited

UPPCC Domain Alignment

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