Objectives and Intended Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Differentiate between the three main procurement methods: requests for bids, requests for proposals, and requests for qualifications.
  • Identify the benefits and drawbacks to each of the three procurement methods
  • Identify legal and regulatory restrictions that may apply to your choice of procurement method
  • Outline a process for selecting an appropriate procurement method for a specific procurement.


This self-paced mini-course is presented in a pre-recorded webinar format and includes a related text excerpt, quiz, and final assessment to gauge your understanding of the content. This course will explain the what, how, and why of the most common procurement methods so you’ll know when it’s appropriate to ask for bids, when to ask for proposals, and when to ask for qualifications. 


Independent Learning
Key 7

UPPCC Domain Alignment

Procurement Certification - UPPCC Domains from the Body of Knowledge

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