Objectives and Intended Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Analyze business pricing structures and develop strategies to deal with them.
  • Recognize the characteristics and objectives of license agreements.
  • Develop contract strategies to minimize on-going cost, maximize license utility, and protect the interests of their entities.
  • Use techniques for dealing with changing technology to the advantage of your organization.

Intended Audience

Intended for all public procurement professionals


With the influence of ever-changing trends, many businesses are moving from selling goods to instead licensing the use of these goods in order to create streams of revenue. This trend will increase, particularly with the advent of new technologies such as 3-D printing and cloud storage. This course will discuss how these trends affect both the economy and public procurement, and participants will learn how to develop the necessary strategies and techniques for dealing with these changes.

Course Outline

  • Current trends in business and the economy
  • Who owns anything anymore? What do you need to own?
  • Understanding and dealing with business’ on-going revenue principles
  • Implications and principles of license agreements
  • Types of license agreements
  • Maintenance agreements
  • Resource sharing for government
  • The impact of technology on government purchasing and how to prepare for it
  • “The internet of things” and what it means for public purchasing
  • Purchasing skills and organization required for this new age
  • Strategies for success


Key 7
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