Negotiations for the Public Procurement Professional

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By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Distinguish between two primary negotiating methods and know when and how to use them.
  • Develop and employ an effective pre-negotiation plan.
  • Identify the essential principles of team negotiation and be able to apply them as either a team leader or participant.
  • Apply basic techniques of persuasion for successful negotiation outcomes.
  • Recognize, employ, and respond to various negotiation tactics.
  • Identify ethical issues that may arise during a negotiation.


To be truly effective at what they do and not be over-matched by their private sector counterparts, public procurement professionals must learn the art and science of negotiation. This one-day course will cover the basic principles and techniques necessary to engaging in a successful negotiation. The course covers:

  • Various types of negotiation strategies, and how and when they should be used;
  • The importance of a negotiation team and the most effective ways to use it;
  • How to effectively articulate your own needs and how to determine the needs of the other negotiating party;
  • The basic do’s and don’ts that lead to negotiation success;
  • How to recognize and deal with negotiation tactics;
  • Strategies and methods for conducting a negotiation with a successful outcome;
  • Recognizing and minimizing ethical issues.

The course will include hands-on negotiating practice as well as an interactive lecture and discussion.



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