Objectives and Intended Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Develop an appropriate mission statement for a purchase
  • Develop and structure a statement of work designed for performance results.
  • Develop a contract written for performance results.
  • Develop results-based metrics for a contract.

Intended Audience

Intended for all public procurement professionals


An agreement should be more than the purchase of goods and services — it should ensure that the best results are achieved by the end user. Performance results can be embedded into a contract that articulates the desired outcomes and produces improved results. This course aims to explain the difference between the purchasing of goods and services versus the purchasing of performance results and how this crucial difference can be used to develop tools and techniques to improve contracts and supplier performance.

Course Outline

  • Buying goods and services vs. buying performance results
  • Impact of buying performance results on output and productivity
  • Development of mission for the purchase
  • How to determine the performance you need
  • Development of results oriented success metrics for the purchase
  • How to structure SOW/spec for performance results and best value
  • How to structure solicitations for performance results and best value
  • Locating and dealing with performance-based contracts and contractors
  • How to negotiate for performance results and best value
  • How to contract for performance results and best value
  • Embedding expectations in contract to ensure results, prevention of excursion, and remedy of excursion
  • Establishing results-based metrics in the contract
  • Case study and report out
  • Call to action


Key 7
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